Is there a plugin that restarts the computer along with the minecraft server?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by tristan123455, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. I know that there is scripts that restarts the server, but is there a script or plugin that restarts the computer along with it?

    Now I can use the autoshutdown plugin and then set time scheduler to restart the PC a minute after it, but that plugin has been discontinued and only works in 1.8.8...
  2. I don't think it is possible to use a minecraft plugin to shutdown the computer since it would shutdown as soon as you use it, meaning that the server wouldn't be save before shutting down. You can always create a linux script (if on linux, ofc) to shutdown the whole system. But why exactly would you like to shutdown the whole computer?
  3. By saying along with the computer, I'm guessing your server is computer hosted, if your on windows u could always attach a question message in batch so that it asks "Do you want to shutdown?" then there's the Yes and No.
    Or if you want it to be instant, in your start script you can just put something like:
    shutdown /s /t (time in seconds)

  4. Just to clear the ram, etc. And I just want to restart every other week/month, not a daily thing. And also I'm talking about shutting down the minecraft server and then shutting the PC down, so like an automatic /stop and then the computer restarts and when it's done rebooting, the minecraft server runs back online
  5. Yes I am hosting it in my old PC with Windows, and I'm trying to make it so that the server does a /stop and then the computer reboots and the when it's done rebooting, the server goes back online.
  6. This has got to do with how you set your computer to work like. This means the startup bat file u use to start the server must be a task that is performed everytime you log in to that pc. And that can be done by adding the bat file into shell:startup. As for how the weekly/monthly thing would work, that you gotta ask some person that is advanced in cmd.
  7. Strahan


    lol computer hosted? As opposed to what, hosting it on the toaster oven? :) I know what you mean, just found that turn of phrase amusing.

    Also /s is not what you want, that will just plain turn the system off. You want /r for reboot and I'd add /f to force close anything that doesn't want to close.

    As you said "my old PC" I'm assuming this is dedicated to the server, yes? If so, I'd also recommend going into services and disabling all the stuff a Minecraft server doesn't need then check the startup items and remove anything irrelevant there as well.
  8. Hey, that could be his option of a toaster oven. Maybe toaster ovens could host minecraft servers too. And yes what @Strahan said is true once again, don't usually mess with cmd that often, I depend on automated tasks to launch everything so yeah.
  9. Look into running Spigot as a Windows service.