Is there a sound-test plugin?`

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  1. hi, how can i test if a sound.ogg is compatible with minecraft.

    I have some ogg-files. Some are played with minecraft, some not. But how can i test a lot of music-files? I have to play all musics - but you have to add them as non-stream-files in the testresourcepack in the sound.json like this:
    Code (Text):

      "music1": {
        "sounds": [

    And then play them ingame and hear if the sound is played. But this will take very long time. Is there a quicker method?
  2. Put it in a resourcepack and use the playsound command
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  3. Yes - thx. But you canĀ“t play a specific music-file. Only:
    /execute @a ~ ~ ~ playsound weather @p ~ ~ ~
    Otherwise you have to write the code i mentioned for every of the hundrets of musics, to test if they are working.
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