Solved Is there a way that my friend can code in the same project.

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  1. So my question is, can my friend and i code in the same project like sharing a project but live coding and changes.

    greets Fardin.
  2. Yes, if you use Eclipse as your IDE, do a quick Google search for "Saros for Eclipse [your eclipse version]".
  3. I have eclipse mars 2 is that good? @_diam
  4. Choco


    Why do you not update to Neon? It's been available for nearly a year now, and Oxygen is already producing a few beta builds. I think they're up to M6 or M7 now. Saros should work fine, but it gets rather laggy from time to time, and I found it to be extremely unreliable most of the time as well. There are hardly any good real-time programming companies. Take a look into Git if you have not already because if you're not satisfied with Saros' unreliability, then Git is your next best thing
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  5. I'll have installed Saros and i know how to use Git.
    It's working thread closed.
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  6. Thread isn't closed lol
  7. How to close a thread:
  8. Why not use Git? It's not entirely what you're looking for, but its definitely something to use when you have a development team.
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  9. OFF TOPIC How did you get that Bukkit theme? Loving it.

    OP, Id just go with a git solution yeah. Both BitBucket an GitLab offers free private repos for you and your friend.
  10. A donor perk. That theme has the name SpigotMC - Sky (Or the sky theme)
  11. How much do I have to donate?
  12. $10 or Higher
  13. Bukkit theme o_O when did spigot rebrand?

    Also there is floobits for Intellij (And eclipse I think)
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  14. And how to code together using IntelliJ? Is there a 'Saros' for IntelliJ?
  15. I checked their information and all I found was they are working on one for IntelliJ
  16. I mean, if you read the message literally right above yours, you would have your answer...
  17. @SystemUpdate_ omg forgive my stupidness, I really didn't see that :confused:
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