Solved Is there a way to create a custom skeleton class or can you only have custom zombies?

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  1. Hey I've been trying to find out how to do this all day but I have a feeling it's only possible in 1.8

    Thourght I'd ask just to make sure :)
  2. Just extend EntitySkeleton. You can create a custom entity for any mob by extending the right class.
  3. my main issue is that super(world); works when extending EntityZombie but not when extending EntitySkeleton if that makes sense
  4. md_5

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    You should be able to figure out the other constructor parameter
  5. I've tried for hours and couldn't work it out
    sorry i'm not good enough :LOL:
  6. md_5

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    Let me show you the other Zombie constructor:

    Code (Text):
        public EntityZombie(EntityTypes<? extends EntityZombie> entitytypes, World world) {
            super(entitytypes, world);
            this.bA = new PathfinderGoalBreakDoor(this,;

        public EntityZombie(World world) {
            this(EntityTypes.ZOMBIE, world);
    Can you figure it out now?
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  7. How do I call that from a different class? What do i put as the entitytypes?
  8. the code he gave tells you.. just look at all the code and think a little bit
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  9. You're quite right!
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