1.14.4 Is there a way to generate dimensions within a world

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  1. Hello!

    So, I am currently working on a solution for my prison server that I was handed over recently, it gives the ability for people to own their own personal mine.

    At the moment, the system is planned to have separate mines stored within the world, what I want to do is generate void dimensions within the world then generate the premade structure and set everything up there.

    If you're stuck with what I am referring, when you enter a world folder, you will see two folders usually they are called "DIM1" or "DIM-1", those are the dimensions. Mods such as Aroma1997's Dimensional World take advantage of this, and this is something I am looking to take advantage of in this plugin.

    My question is, is there a way to do this (generate and get dimensions)? If so, what would be some steps to achieve this?

    I'd like to point out, I would also make a resource thread out of this, as I know a lot of minigames and such like skyblock could take advantage of this
  2. Idk about dimensions,a way you could do it is to create a void world(new world flat type with the 4 blocks to air) it is a way to do it,it may also allow you to sort them in a folder

    2.A new world,as the one above,within make the structures yourself(100 blocks apart maybe,less stuffy(only 1 world),will require more work but does the job...
  3. Yeah, I do know about that, I could potentially have a folder that then generates worlds, I think this is how ASkyblock works (not too sure though as I haven't looked into their code yet), this will be my planned method or your second methon.

    As for the dimensions, they are within the world folder, essentially, you can have multiple worlds within a single world (I know it's a little weird), if you have ever used the dimensional world mod, and had to delete the dimension from the world folder you'll understand where I am coming from :p
  4. Havent found anything related to it,so most likely it is not possible doing this through vanilla,a mod has more power...
  5. Yeah I was having a chat with a friend of mine who knows MC development quite well, he said it would probably require a patch to add support for it in Spigot, which is something I could potentially provide given I can take the time to figure it all out
  6. Dimensions are worlds. Just unlike vanilla craftbukkit has a separate folder for each world. So essentially you just need to create worlds for your players.
  7. Yeah more or less, I'm just thinking more harder about it, and I am coming to the conclusion that a single world divided into containers (16x16 chunks) would be best as it should be more efficient and more performance-friendly
  8. I think there's a way to change the sky, so you could make "end" and "nether" within same world, but there isn't much of performance loss from having it 3 worlds instead, as long as spawn chunks are disabled, they don't take much. (worst part is loading them, after that all is cheap)
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  9. Hypothetically yes as the end and nether biomes do exist which means you could manipulate the biome. the_end and nether (1.13+) are the biomes name. I think world-edit or world guard has the functionality
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