Is there a way to make that a mob is looking like a player?

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  1. Hello!

    Im playing a lot on a server called Diamondfire, its a server where you can code easy, but I want to make my own server. On Diamondfire you can make that a mob disguse like a player, so the mob has a skin of an player, how can I make that?

    Thanks if you reply ;)!
  2. LibsDisguises plugin
  3. SlimeDog

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    or just Citizens.
  4. i dont want to get a plugin i want to make it myself
  5. I don't want to help reinventing the wheel.
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    It's going to be a plugin, whether you use one already made, or make it yourself. Suggestion: read the Citizens source, to learn how to do it.
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  7. how can i install the citizens api, can you give me a link or something?

    EDIT: i got it now, idk how, but it works
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  8. Yeah just use a Plugin for that and use the API. You want to do this on Spigot, not BungeeCord btw
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