Is there a way to place an enchanted block?

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  1. Just wondering if there is a way to enchant a block, then have that block be placed and still glow as if its enchanted. Ive never seen it, but apparantly my mate has... just wondering.
  2. I never heard or something like that, i don't think it is possible.
  3. Your mate lied or used mods

    The glow effect exists only in the inventory client-side.
  4. Seems like your mate is lying ;/
  5. Well he could make it a floating entity that looks like a block?
  6. And it would look just like that, a block.

    The glow effect is an overlay in the inventory code, it isn't something applied to the blocks.
  7. That's not what I'm saying, the fact that something is enchanted is stored in the data of the item (NBT data), thats why if you drop something that is enchanted, you can still see that's enchanted. So it is technically possible to make a 'block' look enchanted (but in reality it is actually an entity)
  8. I would assume the client makes a similar assumption for dropped items. Anything which can be correctly enchanted (aka weapons etc) would render correctly, but something which should not have it (e.g. a block) could potentially fail to render, but I simply haven't delved into the client code for that. I can safely say, however, that you won't be seeing anything within the realm of what you're asking.
  9. I agree, it would be possible, but I don't think it is gonna be used by servers, because running a lot of entities just causes lag.
  10. Well no, you wouldn't see it used because no one has a use for a bunch of dropped items (which would not render anywhere similar to being mounted on an entity).
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    It could be a block, but what if you have an invisible item frame holding something like an enchanted see through map? Then you could make the sides have a glowing effect (possibly)
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