Is there a way to restore user homes/factions/bals/pv's with User Data?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by rockyroad83, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. So basically what happened was I had my buddy fixing buycraft commands which werent executing, and he accidentally did something to pv's, so unknowingly he restored a backup from ages ago. Because of this, only homes, pv's, balances, and factions reset, not mcmmo, echests, and inventories. Ranks reset, but I resent all of them via buycraft.

    Thank God all of the user data in the essentials folder did NOT reset, meaning it's still there. Is there a way for me to restore all player's pv's, balances, homes, and factions with the Userdata?

    This will be a small paid job of $10-15.
    Sysadmin or developer needed.

    Contact me here:
  2. Essentials: userdata (Folder) - Contains all player-data [Homes, Spawn, Balances]
    PlayerVaults: Something else - Contains player-data [Vaults, Items stored in vault]
    Vault: Player-data [Balance]
    Ranks: [GM / PEX] (Fixed)
    Factions: mcore [Factions, Claimed area, Player-info]

    Conclusion: You can't roll back stuff with just userdata ;P