Is there an easy way to fix chunk generation borders

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  1. I've been running a Bukkit server since MC 1.2.5, so of course there's going to be chunk generation errors.


    Is there any way to fix the borders without regenerating the chunks? I have Voxelsniper and WorldEdit installed on the server, and I would like the transition to look as natural as possible.
  2. Select the chunk with //chunk and regenerate it with //regen
  3. This doesn't provIde a smooth transition between old and new chunks. Also I stated in my original post:
  4. nothing you can do to make it natural its already genned
  5. You can try doing some terraforming.

    Here's a basic tutorial:
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  6. I used dinnerbone's chunk calculator :

    Go to where the chunk is all weird and looking unnatural, punch in the coordinates in 'Chunk Section Information'.

    Region information should be in this format (example: r.1069.73198.mca)

    Delete that chunk region in your world/region folder and restart your server.

    Edit: No plugins needed :p