Is there any good plugin to block saved toolbars in creative mode?

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  1. Is there any good plugin to block saved toolbars in creative mode?
    I have creative server and I am having annoying problem.
    Players are able to save their toolbars on singleplayer with weird leveled commandblock items and load them on my server using saved toolbars.
    Tried this plugin: "CreativeItemControl" but it is broken :(
    Thanks for any help
  2. 1. Permissions do not work or they are invalid. Players can not pickup anything from categories "tools", "brewing" and "combat" even when they have permission
    2. Some players are still able to pickup some items from saved toolbars
    3. Plugin is obfuscated and you can not even see the source code, so you do not know if there is something dangerous or not inside. Author want to hide something?
    4. Tragic implementation for messages, it is unreadable
  3. @vk2gpz has made quite a few popular plugins here. Surely he's not stupid.
    Tagging so maybe he can offer some assistance.
    Did you try getting support at all before your review anyways?

    Edit:// I only just noticed this is the Bungee subforum. Are you trying to run it as a Bungee plugin or Spigot plugin?
  4. I'm not stupid? You'd never know... ;)

    This user has never contacted me regarding the issue s/he had. I cannot help someone deciding not seeking a help nor not being able to read the bytecode to simply check whether any "dangerous" code or not. Last time I checked, the specification of JVM, bytecode, etc are open...
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  5. I said it MAY be dangerous because ur code is obfuscated and very hard to read. There is no reason to do it if you are publishing something for free. Dont say that obfuscated resources are more safe or something like this - they are not. I have noticed that obfuscation when I realised that few given permissions on plugin's page (for categories: combat, brewing and tools) are completly not working and even when player have them, he still is unable to take items from this category. I was trying to find them in code but of course, you made it super hard.
    Second thing, to use someone's plugin on spigot I do not have to contact him. This plugin is messed up as hell so thats why I gave it 1 star - basicly to warn other players that it is broken/unuseable and to respect their and my wasted time.
    Third thing - I do not blame you that you are bad developer or something, I see that you have updated someone's resource so probably thats why it is like this. I just do not understand why you obfuscating free resources, it is nonsens. There is no reason to do that - especially when you update someone's plugin.

    Lol, I did not notice I have posted it on BungeeCord instead of Spigot. Sorry for that.
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  6. See, you say that you aren't trying to say he's a bad developer, but at the same time you think that the time others spend on the plugin would be wasted time. If you don't think someone's a bad developer but their resource isn't quite working as intended, the proper thing would be to reach out to the one who made it so that you can solve your issue.
    Dev doesn't get a bad review, user is satisfied and has a working plugin. Wouldn't that be ideal?

    Again, nobody's saying you have to contact the developer, but it would make sense to at least try to fix it before you decide it's broken, let alone spread word of it.
  7. Thanks for that information, will do some testing and report back if i can reproduce things (to the author), and ill ask some ppl who do deobfuscation and plugin code reviews to take a look at it. When we did an audit when we started using it on a server we noticed nothing behind the obfuscation then.
  8. Why you go offtopic. For what? This plugin is unuseable and this is fact, I do not know what you are trying to achieve :|. It is unuseable until it will be fixed. He can even be president of USA, it does not matter for me or any plugin user. Lets say he is good dev and end it.
    Reviews are reviews, It is space for rating the plugin. Plugin is messed up, had bad implementations and it is unuseable. Even if it will somehow start working then messages are really bad implemented, they are unreadable and they are spamming the chat when you use variables so I can not (if I have to be honest) rate this plugin super positively like 4-5/5.

    If you have free time for that then why not. I was trying it on --rev 1.15.1.
    I want just to notice that I did not said that it is dangerous/there are backdoors or something like this, but I said that it MAY be not safe because we do not see code, it is hidden. Not everyone can read it in binnary way. Any obfuscation has always same point - hide the code to not read it. You can not refuse that running random plugins with hidden code where you can not see what it exactly do is way less safe than running not obfuscated, open source plugin where you and other users can analize the code without any problems. That is what I was meaning.

    PS. Sorry for my english, It is not my language.
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  9. really.... bytecode spec is open... nothing is hidden. you not knowing how to ready the bytecode does not mean something is hidden. sigh...

    also, you not knowing how to configure things does not mean the questioned resource is not working... sigh.. again...

    "messages are really bad implemented" ... messages are in config.yml and it has not been changed since the original CreativeItemControl... Since many users use CreativeItemControl, config.yml has not been changed....and you accuse me of doing "really bad implementation"?? really.... it's a simple human-readable and configurable text file. If the original dev had some messages not appropriate, anyone can open the file with a simple text editor and change them.

    Same for permissions and their treatment .... they have not been changed and kept as same as the original ones....

    Nonetheless, if someone accuses someone/something of something without seeking clarification, not much we can do about it. If you've decided not to seek clarification/help/whatever before jumping into conclusions, you have every right to do that and we cannot do anything about it.

    When people properly report issues or seek help, I normally address those concerns raised. However, when people never contact me (like you did not), what can I do ...:ROFLMAO:
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  10. You went hard offtopic, I do not know why you are toxic, really. Because this plugin does not work and I gave it bad review?

    0. Said it few times but I see you did not fully obtained reading skill - I said it MAY be unsafe. Obfuscating hides the code, users can not see the source code = less safe for them. I understand doing it for premium stuff but I will never understand devs that doing it in free, simple and shared sources. Obfuscation in free resource = risk, because someone want to hide something.

    1. Permissions for categories "brewing, combat, tools" do not work and players are unable to pick items from them even when they have permissions. Maybe because permissions have not been changed (as you said) up from few versions it stopped working?

    2. Variables in messages SPAM the chat. If, for example, player will try to pick up item with 1000 character lore then rip chat. Dont say it is configuration mistake, it is just bad implementation.

    3. This source orginaly is not your, you only updated it so you really should not do obfuscating and hide the code especially when this plugin is free. It is bad practise.

    Just want to remind, I search for good plugin - not broken one. lol
    Maybe when you will make it working then I, and some other users, will start using it.
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  11. First of all, you're completely missing the point. You never contacted vk2gpz for the issues you're having. Second of all, vk2gpz is not being toxic. He's giving you a clear explanation as to all the concerns you were having. Third of all, don't just give him a bad rating because you failed to contact him for support. At this rate, he's not even going to help you if you don't take the time out of your day to bring awareness to the problems you're having. I have used vk2gpz's plugins for years. I respect his work. One of the first plugins I came across from him was "TokenEnchant". It was worth the price. My player's loved the plugin and I enjoyed it so much because you could make any enchants with the API that was given.

    To addon, he's not going offtopic. Imagine if you were in his shoes, making a plugin and getting a bad review just because that person either didn't want to contact you or didn't take some time out of their day to speak. This is the problem that I'm trying to address that you have, Msql. You are ignoring people's responses and making it all about you.
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  12. I have asked in this thread if someone know any good plugin. You guys went heavily offtopic forcing me to reply on questions/arguments not related to main post, I did not create any problem here but you did. I got it - you like, support and respect yourselfs, have good memories like you said but to be honest - Topic here is not about my bad review but about finding good plugin that prevent this saved toolbars, I said at beginning that this plugin is broken and pointed why. I will not continue replying after this post to any next posts belong to this plugin. I said before - I do not care how good is he, who is he, what he did etc, this plugin is not working and this is why I can not use it.

    So please, if you guys dont want to help me here with finding good and working plugin that I asked for in main post then please do not create any non offtopic posts like this.
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  13. I believe what others tried to point out were
    • you're not the center of the world,
    • don't jump into a conclusion without seeking clarification/help,
    If indeed, there are issues in my work and those issues are reported to me, I usually attend to those cases and provide solutions unless some other factions, which are not under my control prevent me to do so.

    Good luck with finding your solution.

    FYI, I and some other users have just checked those permissions you claimed not working... they are working as expected, as well as those messages that you call SPAM as original CreativeItemControl's specification.
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