Is there any interest in me updating my Stats plugin again?

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  1. Hey folks, been a long time!
    I was wondering if there are people out there who still use and/or want to use my Stats plugin.
    In the past couple of years I've learned a lot regarding big data and I kinda want to make my Stats plugin again, but then including a "global stats" feature, which would throw all data collected at my own server, anonymized probably, to have a cool overview of what's going on.
    I used to do this before and it gathered a LOT of data (10,332 unique servers, 656,117 unique players, 1,047,653,331 blocks broken, 6,908,084,317 seconds of playtime (that's 219+ years!)) and that was a lot of fun - since I know a lot more now I kinda wanna see if this'd be interesting for users again.

    EDIT: Working on it! Need your suggestions as to what Stats would be interesting and what kind of data they should include (e.g. Playtime with locations per second (which actually allows other plugins to play the movements of a player back at some point), blocks broken with locations and timestamps, kills of other entities, damage taken, more?!)

    Edit 2: Want to check out the first (alpha) version? Try this:
    It'll fail on first startup as MySQL will not have been configured yet, just edit the config and throw in your MySQL credentials to make it run.
    Source can be found here:

    Edit 3: Live updating websites also coming soon!

    Edit 4: First update released:
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  2. I'd say yes!!!! Still using Stats2 and I was lucky to make it work in 1.12.x, forked the last commit for Stats2 from your bitbucket repo and it works! Though it still work in 1.13, but it uses legacy materials so it will break in future versions^^

    You can use bstats for global features, not sure if you can define your own values to be shown on their website^^
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  3. Oh cool, it still works? It never used any NMS/OBC code and strictly used the API so I guessed it'd live for a long time, but I hadn't guessed for this long!

    Material changes you say? I've been out of the loop (for a very long time), care to get me up to speed?
  4. blockdata had huge changes in 1.13 making block based plugins (Like world edit or voxel sniper) not work so well anymore
  5. It has begun...

    By the way, I'm interested in knowing what kind of extra data to gather for a statistic - for example, which world did the stat increment happen in. If you guys have any suggestions, hit me up!
  6. ssamjh


    For global stats, I'm prepared to help out with hosting!
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  7. I'd be interested in possibly helping out where it's needed if I can. Drop me a DM and we can talk more.
  8. Yep still works in 1.12/1.13-pre7, haven't tested it out on 1.13 but im fairly sure it would work :) :D

    Material yes, If I recall Stats used block ids to know what block we mined, as seen on the webstats (I'm using BlueStats, I miss though WebstatsX when I was with Stats1) so if it uses "Material:TNT" it should work I guess x)

    Take a coffee and your speed defense will improve! Ah wait this is not a game :(
  9. Cool, I'll keep you guys in mind! It'll probably be me just messing around with some core code and refactoring for days until I like it, but I'll throw it up on Github or similar when I feel satisfied with the implementation.

    Old Stats uses Materials in the old way so that'll likely break :( To actually support 1.13 it'd probably need a code update, a database conversion to the new Material layout, and a website update to show the proper block with whatever Material it shows. Quite some work I'm afraid :(
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  10. Looking for suggestions on what kind of Stats to implement! Should I make it include lots and lots of data or nah?
  11. FWIW, players on my server are only interested in:
    • Player Deaths
    • Mob Kills (total and per mob)
    • Time Played
    • Last Online
  12. Nothing wrong with making a new version for 1.13 and up, :) be current, get some hugs
  13. Good suggestions! Right now Time Played is in there and Last Online is deductible from the data (not in-game yet though). Gotta style it up a bit and add some more Stats before a first Alpha I think though, unless there are folks here who want to give it a go already?
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    try using metrics like bstats. so later you can check if there are servers that are still using your plugin
  15. Exactly!
    Good idea, I'll be sure to throw that in there.
  16. If you guys want to check out the first (alpha) version, try this:
    It'll fail on first startup as MySQL will not have been configured yet, just edit the config and throw in your MySQL credentials to make it run.
    Source can be found here:
  17. Would it be compatible with my current Stats2 or it needs to be started over? Until your StatsLOL (I don't know if you gave it a new name? :p name it StatsLOL xD) would be useable in production state
  18. Right now it's just a new plugin on its own, no conversion or anything from Stats 2 or Stats 3.
    You could run it next to each other probably to see how it works, but I'm not sure which command takes precedence.
    Unsure how it behaves in a production environment, although I could not find Stats5 in any timings I was doing while testing (then again that's just one player), but Stats didn't show up anywhere).
    Working title is Stats5 for now by the way :p Not that I ever ended up releasing Stats 4, but since I did start on it at some point... oh well.
  19. It's like Windows 8.1 jumping to 10^^ xD

    Hm yeah :( Anyways we can setup an alias like /stat5 (consider "5" as a "S") xD
  20. Haha yeah pretty much, except I wouldn't get in trouble for calling it Stats 4 (whereas Windows 9 would've caused LOTS of trouble due to software checking for os.getName().startsWith("Windows 9") to check for 95 and 98 :'))
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