Is there any major difference?

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  1. So here is a build I put together and here is a build that I found on the internet. I was wondering if there is a deal breaking difference about the two. I am no professional so at first glance it doesn't seem that there are. I do see a couple things I would change but I was wondering what you all think. If anyone has a build that is better for the money (not over $700) please leave it. If you do leave a build I am planning to upgrade the pc I get in the future over time.
  2. Doesn't seem to be all that much different between them, I'd go for the WD HDD instead of Seagate but that's just personal preference really.
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  3. First off, I love this website -- never saw it before.

    Secondly, I would go for the white case :p. Looks are everything right? ;)
  4. Yup
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  5. Tux


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  6. I honestly thought you were talking about a Minecraft build until I reached the end. >_< I should probably click the links first.
  7. lol
    Yep... I just noticed that :)
  8. Eh. I think I will pickup the one I found online. It is actually quite similar to the build I made before I changed it.