Is there any other translation java API?

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  1. Hey, I was experimenting with the google translator API. Tried everything I could. But it just didn't work, Then I saw this:


    I was like omfg... It costs money to use their API. But you can get a 300$ trial. But that isn't practical at all (Is it?) because you need to enter your credit card/other data.

    But all the translation API's are from google. So is there a better way?
  2. Can't you do a get request on the url without using the API, like so: I don't think it's protected whatsoever. This request will return a json with this response:

    Code (Text):
          "Dit is een test",
          "This is a test",
    These are the get parameters to use:
    • sl source language
    • tl target language
    • q search query; string to translate
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  3. I can't do JSON yet :3
  4. Why can't you?
    One time you are probably going to need it anyway, why wait?
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  5. Mas


    Then learn it :p
    Google's Gson is packaged with Spigot, so it won't be hard to learn.