is there any plugin that does this?, or is it possible?

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  1. hey, im running a survival server, and some users want to use protections in nether, but 1 step in the nether are 8 in the world, so if they use protections there they could block others portals, etc. and they would not be able to go to the nether and play as intended, so... is there any way to make that 1 step in the world is one step in the nether?
  2. not possible. 1 block in the nether is always 8 blocks in the overworld no matter what. unless you change the way people visit the nether or how portals spawn then you're stuck with these claims
    you can always disable claiming in the nether too
  3. i already have it disabled, but players are asking me to enable it, so they can make for example a nether hub and proitect it, is there a plugin that changes the way nether portals spawn?,
  4. You could set a limit so that they can only claim a x amount of blocks in the nether to prevent them from preventing portal spawns for other people.
  5. If you use Multiverse-Core, you can change the scaling for each world, so you could change the nether scaling to 1. Be careful doing that. You might actually break how portals work.

    I allow GriefPrevention claims in the Nether. They work fine. What is it that you're trying to do or having a problem with?
  6. i want players to be able to protect the nether, and if 1 step in nether are 8 in the real world, it could happen that someone protects his portal, and then someone else tries to go to the nether but they get out that portal, and they cant build in that zone, so if the player that protected that zone built a shelter or something around the portal, now the player wont be able to go to the nether as he would normally
  7. What protection / land claim plugin are you using?
  8. You could change the way players get to the nether
  9. I really don't know if this is possible to be honest since Vanilla Minecraft is for every 1 block in the nether is 8 in overworld like I just don't see there is a plugin for this out there. Best of luck with it
  10. hey, i have been able to do it!, i just used multiverse core and multiverse nether portals, and just had to set the nether world scale to 1 :D
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  11. if anyone needs to do this, here are the links to the plugins i used:
    Multiverse core dev builds (to make it work with the lastest versions):
    Multiverse nether portals dev builds:
    after downloading these plugins, you just have to go to your nether world and paste this command

    /mvm set scale 1

    there is a page in the multiverse core github explaining it:

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