Is there ever pre-released jars?

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  1. Hey,

    I know the test server went live in February with its pre-build for 1.13. I've got quite a lot of updates to get through for 1.13, and in particular I'd like to start playing around with the 1.13 support for fish mobs (one of my plugins is entirely based on fish, I'll need to add support for the entities as well).

    I haven't had any desire to get my hands on an early version of the server jar before, so I have no idea if the Spigot server jars are ever pre-released before the full MC version update. Are there ever released pre-releases of the jar for devs to play around with? I don't care if it's unstable or horribly broken, I'm just looking to get some looks into the 1.13 fish code and see what I'll have to work with for the new stuff.

    Any help appreciated, thanks :)
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    From what I've read the answer is maybe.

    If Mojang just goes ahead and release in the next week then Spigot will just release the full version obviously.

    However, if Mojang take longer than that, the chance of a Spigot pre-* build is more likely
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  3. Ahhh, okay. Well I'll keep my ears open then :) Thanks!
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