Is there something like this in skript ?

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  1. I got a question, i have a plugin that can execute commands when something ( Exact something ) is clicked, but it doesnt support bungeecord commands ( Like player:server factions or player:factions, 'player:' indicates that the entity who executes this command is a player ), so, are there any addons that will allow me to do this or something like it?:
    Code (Text):
    command /sendtofactions:
            send %player% to server "factions"

    ( ^^^ I dont know if thats going to work even if that syntax is supported or exists, cause im not that good at skript too. )
  2. There is a Skript addon called Skellett that has a bungee version to run bungee commands. Try taking a look at that. It's called SkellettProxy
  3. I got Skellett, but not that proxy part tho.
  4. I know, im literally asking to spoon-feed me right know, but what would be the exact syntax for this command ( /sendtofactions ) to send the player thats executing that command to the 'factions' server? Cause i wouldnt say i understand something from this madness.
    Code (Text):
    [the] [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] server ip [address] of [server] %string%
    [the] [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] server %string%['s] ip [address]

    [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] (send|connect) [(player|uuid)] %string% to [[bungee[ ][cord]] server] %string%

    [the] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [player] ip [address] of [(player|uuid)] %string%
    [the] [player] ip [address] of (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [(player|uuid)] %string%
    [the] [player] ip [address] of [(player|uuid)] %string% from (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])
    [(player|uuid)] %string%'s (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [player] ip [address]

    (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [(player|uuid)] %string%['s] display name
    [the] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) display name of [(player|uuid)] %string%

    [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] kick bungee[ ][cord] [(player|uuid)] %string% [(by reason of|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]
    [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] kick [(player|uuid)] %string% from bungee[ ][cord] [(by reason of|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]

    [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] (message|send|msg) %string% to bungee[ ][cord] [(player|uuid)] %string%

    [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] (stop|kill|end) [bungee[[ ][cord]] proxy [[with] (message|msg|string|text) %-string%]

    [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] [(player|uuid)] %string% (1¦(has|is)|2¦(is(n't| not))) [(running|using)] [the] forge [client]

    [the] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) (MOTD|message of the day) (of|from) [server] %string%

    [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] (force|make|execute) [(player|uuid)] %string% [to] (say|chat|command|(run|execute)[ command]) %string% [on [the] bungee[ ][cord]]

    [the] bungee[[ ]cord] version

    [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] (make|run|execute) bungee[[ ][cord]] [console] command %string%

    [(the|all)] [of] [the] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) players (on|from) [the] [bungee[ ][cord]] server %string%

    %string%'s [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] players

    [the] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [player] name of [(player|uuid)] %string%
    (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [(player|uuid)] %string%'s [player] name

    [the] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [player] (uuid|unique[ ]id) of [player] %player%
    (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) %player%['s] (uuid|unique[ ]id)

    [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])]['s] player limit

    [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] (message|send|msg) %string% to [(the|all)] [of] [the] bungee[[ ][cord]] players

    [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] [(player|uuid)] %string% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) online [the] [bungee[ ][cord]]

    [(the|all)] [of] [the] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [connected] servers

    [the] [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] [(connected|current)] server of [(player|uuid)] %string%
    [the] [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] [(player|uuid)] %string%'s [(connected|current)] server

    [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] (send|display|show) action[ ]bar [with [text]] %string% to bungee[ ][cord] [(player|uuid)] %string%

    [[(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])]] kick [(the|all)] [of] [the] bungee[ ][cord] players [(by reason of|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]
    [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] kick [(the|all)] [of] [the] players from bungee[ ][cord] [(by reason of|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]

    (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) ping of [(player|uuid)] %string%
    (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) [(player|uuid)] %string%'s ping

    [the] max[imum] [amount] [of] players for (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) server %string%

    [(the|all)] [of] [the] (skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord]) players


       #Info: Returns a list of all redisbungee servers.
       [(the|all)] [of] [the] redis[[ ]bungee] [connected] servers
       #Info: Returns a list of all redisbungee players.
       [(the|all)] [of] [the] redis[[ ]bungee] players
       #Does the same thing as above, but with usernames rather than uuids.
       [(the|all)] [of] [the] [online] redis[[ ]bungee] player [user]names
       #Info: Returns a long (number) in milliseconds of the date the player last logged in.
       #Info: You can use the date from long expression to get the date string.
       [the] last login of redis[[ ]bungee] [(player|uuid)] %string%
       redis[[ ]bungee] [(player|uuid)] %string%'s last login
       #Info: Get players on a proxy.
       [(the|all)] [of] [the] redis[[ ]bungee] players on proxy %string%
       redis[[ ]bungee] proxy %string%'s players
       #Info: Get players on a server from redis bungee.
       [(the|all)] [of] [the] redis[[ ]bungee] players on server %string%
       redis[[ ]bungee] server %string%'s players
       #Info: Returns the redis bungee id of a player.
       redis[[ ]bungee] player id (for|of) [(player|uuid)] %string%
       #Info: Get a server of a player within the redis bungee system.
       [the] redis[[ ]bungee] [connected] server (for|of) [(player|uuid)] %string%
       #Info: Returns the redis bungee id of the bungeecord this syntax is attached too.
       [the] redis[[ ]bungee] server id [(for|of) this bungee[[ ]cord]]
       #Info: Get the username of an uuid though redis bungee.
       #The lookup addon allows you to tell redis bungee to do a more indepth uuid name lookup.
       #It will always be true if that part of the syntax is added.
       [the] redis[[ ]bungee] [player] [user[ ]]name of uuid %string% [[with] expensive lookup %-boolean%]

       #Info: Check if a player/uuid is online the redis bungee network.
       redis[[ ]bungee] [(player|uuid)] %string% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) online [the] [bungee[ ][cord]]
       #Info: Executes a command on all proxy servers connected to the redis.
       #If the ID is set. The command will only be ran on that proxy with that id.
       (run|execute) redis[[ ]bungee] [proxy] command %string% on [all [of the]] proxy server[s] [[with] id %-sting%]
  5. Code (Text):
    command /sendtofactions:
            bungeecord connect player to "Factions"
    You are so welcome.
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  6. Oh Well..... But atleast i said
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