Is this a bug or an error in my code? [It seems to be a spigot bug ¿Solved?]

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  1. Well, I've been teleporting an entity many times to different locations and after some times you can see the console with the following error messages:
    Ways to solve it? Is this a spigot bug?
  2. You may have ended up with a save error in your map. You will either need to delete that chunk or redo a map.
  3. The map it's ok, the error starts throwing after teleporting the entity many times. So I don't really know if spigot should handle it or what.
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    Confirming this as a bug. I've experienced it before, and it is incredibly annoying. I might post this on JIRA.
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  5. Well, you can use my screenshot if you want.
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    It could do with a bit more description on the behaviour and the actions causing the behaviour. I probably should've posted it myself, but I currently don't have time.
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  7. I'm not sure but this is my idea on why it happens. When you teleport randomly many times you eventually end up teleporting to an edge between 2 chunks. Since your armor stand actually has some velocity attached to it, it might slide into the other chunk before you get a chance to teleport it agian. This is a problem because the next time you attempt to teleport it, the game will check for the entity in the chunk you intended for it to be in but it wont be there, it will be on the outer edge of a adjacent chunk.
    Just an idea, don't quote me on it.
  8. If the armor stand has the gravity disabled it wont be affected by velocities, and this is the case.