Is this a bug or what?

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  1. Don't know where to post this. I need your opinion on whether I should report this on JIRA.

    Snowballs and eggs dont do damage to players. I cannot figure out why.

    I have started a fresh server on the 'latest' version of spigot. Which somehow is 75 versions behind. (I ran the buildtools minutes before the test)

    Then I recorded everything:

    Server log:
    BuildTools log:


    Thanks in advance.
  2. In the, enabled the pvp boolean? Try it in an empty area because it may have been blocked by tall grass.
  3. There's a 1.11.x discussion about this that might shed some light

    You can easily check yourself btw, just get a vanilla 1.12.2 server jar and set it up real quick. try out pvp and snowball effect. Compare findings.

    The reason the buildtools says you're x versions behind is because of version 1.13 being released & developed. The latest Spigot 1.12.2 build is 1573-b I believe. Well, a few days ago.

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  4. pfff. Why even remove this.... It appears to be a 'bug' from spigot that it did damage. Whole gamemode revolve around it. Well I fixed it by doing event.setDamage(x > 0) in EntityDamageByEntityEvent