Is this a good dedicated host choice?

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  1. I could use a bit of help with this, and any info provided would be greatly appreciated.

    I am looking to get a dedicated server for MC. My plan is to run bungeecord and several MC servers on one machine. The type of servers I am looking at setting up are: Survival (45~50 plugins), skyblock, building games, creative build, and maybe one or 2 more (Uncertain on plugins with the others atm)) .

    Where it makes sense, I plan on pre-generating the map (at about 8k~10k each) to help with HD I/O and world generation lag.

    I would like to start with a low player cap on each (about 30) and then slowly increase player caps based on if the server (MC server or the dedicated machine in whole) will handle it.

    My budget to start with is roughly $50 USD/Mo. and I already have a panel that I plan on using (works on both linux and windows and can manage multiple MC servers) so that cost is unimportant.

    Now, this is the dedicated server I am currently looking at using based on price, stats and location (US based server):

    Would that be a wise choice for a dedicated machine/host for what I am looking to do? And if so, what would be a good recommended ram allocation for each MC server (based on starting out with 30 people on each max)?

    Or do I have too high of expectations out of one server? If so, what would be a good option to keep within my budget?

    Many thanks for your time in helping with this!
  2. This has not much to do with the server part, but more the expectations part.

    I would suggest starting with one server and building it up (Skyblock or Survival). Make them unique to bring in players and to help make you stand out.

    Since you are just starting, you are going to have no players. Splitting them across 4 - 5 servers from the get go, will not be good. It'll only just bring you down.

    Start small, build up and create a unique server and then expand if you have the funds and a playerbase. Creating a MC server is not easy by any means, as there are so many servers out there. Make your stand out.
  3. This is very true, and I do plan on just starting out with the survival server (hence the number of plugins) and maybe skyblock (when it updates to 1.13) just for a bit of variety. I only mentioned the other servers just to help paint the full picture of where I would like to go in the future, not just starting out (basically looking to "future-proof" my setup).

    I do apologize, I should have made that clear in the original post.

    So, would that be a good hosting option in terms of current, and future plans? And what would you recommend for ram allocations (at least, for the survival server being that will be the main one for some time)?

    I guess I should also ask if anybody have used clynex and if they are any good?
  4. Dear friend, I recommend you buy at ovh kimisufi or soyoustart, you will have everything under your control, you can also add the servers you want and use the 1.13 to taste, you can also see the errors by console and fix them :)
  5. I have tried looking up ovh kimisufi but I keep getting website can't be reached :rolleyes:
    The prices for OVH themselves seem a bit steep, and out of my price range.
    As for soyoustart, I am looking for one hosted in the US, all the ones they have are either in Canada or France.

    Also, the reason why I chose the one I did was for the storage space. My current test setup (in-house) is using 20GB alone for the panel, hub and survival server (pre-genned map), and thats not including the mysql setup. Maybe I am being a bit paranoid about storage needs?
  6. Hmm, and tbh?: , look at it and tell me. they have in Dallas Texas US
  7. I have looked at, but they have only the one dedicated server listing, and when I click on buy, I get "Unable to load your shopping cart. Please contact support."
  8. Whats the problem with that? You will not feel a difference between Texas and Montreal.
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  9. Ummm, because I'm an arrogant American with stubborn pride? ;)

    But seriously, what you said makes sense. The data center is located in beauharnois, a bit farther away then I would like, but the price is decent.

    Now, what would be a better option? Smaller ssd's or larger hd's? Please keep in mind what my future plans are and that maps would be pregenerated before going live.

    • Again, many thanks!
  10. Even if the server would be in Europe you could play on it without feeling any delays, you are correct, most of it are just stereotypes, you don't need 5ms to play Minecraft.

    I'd recommend a SYS machine with a SSD. Pregenerating does not make I/O faster. Chunks still need to be read from the file, generated or not.
  11. Thank you very much for your input on this. 2 last questions I have....

    Considering I will just be starting out with a survival server then expanding later on, would this server suite me Well? Or would I run into storage space issues down the road? (When I feel the time is right to add additional servers)

    2: for a survival server with a max of about 50 plugins and roughly 30 people to start with, what ram allocation would you recommend?
  12. I'd not get a dedicated for that, a shared host or a VPS should work same good and make you save some bucks.
    If you want to get a dedicated anyway you should not run into any storage issues 480GB is more than enough.
  13. True, I have thought about that, but I do plan on expanding it down the road with bungee and other type of servers (again, down the road), and I figured for sanity sake have them all in one place and not end up with several different machines which would become expensive down the road, not to mention the annoyance of bouncing between different panels for each instance.

    I do currently have a shared host that I am using to experiment 1.13 on (shockbyte) but I do like to have full control of not only resources but the ability to choose which ports to use on what (server, bungee, votifier, etc).