Is this a simple dispute.. do I stand a chance?

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  1. Hey Spigot users,

    This is yet another dispute/chargeback thread.
    Can you please tell me if this one is a dispute and do I stand a chance?
    What I can offer paypal is.. all logs from the begining of my server. Thats pretty much it.

  2. I give up. Like literally, PayPal are such morons.
  3. Here's some things you should have in place, if you do then it's the best thing to give them

    1) A terms of service which the player has to agree to, to buy the rank.
    - If you have one best to upload a screenshot of it to paypal.
    2) If you use BuyCraft or Enjin upload the purchase showing the transaction ID, the player name, ect.
    - Also show that the commands were successfully sent to the players account and delivered.

    I had a similar chargeback and I sent those things to PayPal and won the dispute!
  4. This is what I always post as a reply:

    This customer has bought a digital intangible good. Before making the purchase the user was informed about the specific details of the product on our website and everything that's relevant to the purchase. We don't think this customer deserves a refund because the goods have already been delivered and he has used them extensively.

    As long as you're the one responding first you never lose.
  5. Thanks for the tips guys! But if they claim the purchase was not authorized will TOS, and @lepel100 's suggestion do the trick?
  6. Yes I believe it would, also tell them how long they had the rank/perk. Showing them that would tell them that it was used extensively.
  7. Thanks for the help guys,
    Unfortunately, I've lost the case. :(
    I sent ToS and T&C .. explained the problem.. and nothing sadly..
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    calling them is an instant win dont just email things
  9. Ehm, I'm not a native speaker, and I'm afraid that I'll screw up. :(
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    where do you live? depending on where you live you can get customer support in your native language
  11. Bulgaria. =/
    And another question.. even if I call next time, and I prepare on notes everything I say :D .. I heard there is a free way to call Paypal in the US with Skype.. is that right?
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    finding ways to contact support for free may not be the best idea to win a dispute like this
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