Is this a waste of time and money?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by ComputerGuy365, May 23, 2017.

  1. Hey spigot,

    I'm looking to get back into the servers industry. I got a few hundreds to put into this, my question is, is that enough? I'm not a beginner by any means with this, I have a ton of experience with configuration/management and I have a bit of developing experience.

    Worth my time? Or will it just be a waste of time and money?
  2. Unless you have big plans or a unique idea, I wouldn't get into the industry. It's hard to make a successful server from what I've seen but then again, that's just my opinion. The final decision is up to you.
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  3. As I said, I'm no beginner. I know where to buy everything and how to manage it. Also, I've been told by top server owners that it's not worth your time to do anything custom without a huge youtuber backing it.
  4. No money, apart from the hosting expenses, is required to succeed.

    Trust me.
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  5. Then how are you supposed to advertise? Don't tell me you go on planetminecraft and
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  6. Ironic.
    That's exactly what I do.
    I've built a decent sized community just after 2 months of launching, website with 250+ users, Discord with ~150 users, Twitter with 103 followers (while I follow 2 people). It's all about how you engage with the players - they will just come. In May, I got around 3K new visits and the player base in weekdays ranges anywhere from 5 to 25 depending on the part of the day, however on weekends, it gets as high as 50-70.

    While I pay for plugins and make some myself, (which we don't talk about here, we're on about ads), I haven't spent a cent for advertisements.

    I've got a graph to back up what I'm saying.


    If you feel like spending money on ads, do it. Of course it will yield better results. However, if you have patience and dedication, the quality and retention of community will improve greatly. See, there's a thing - if you pay, there's a short-lasting influx of people which is useful for different strategies, however is not advisable if you aim to have those players playing after a month or two. Same goes with YouTubers, say, you can afford one video from a ~50K youtuber, your server will get filled with players, they will play, more will come, and then eventually they all will leave - and you won't get your money back.


    If you've built your community slowly, they won't go away, simply because they don't have a reason as to why they should leave and it is the same reason why they are still playing.

    Again, money can bring success - but it is not guaranteed and you won't get your money back. There's better ways to spend your money and it is not advertising.

    But there's a thing
    My reply is oriented around paying money for advertisements to start out. That is a bad practice. However, when you're an established server, feel free to invest to get more players and more donations, thus more money for you to invest and eventually even more players.
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  7. I don't recommend investing more than $50 on launching your server. You should set-up a good first impression and maintain professionalism.
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  8. If you only begin with a low budget then you really won't get a lot, nor will it show of "professionalism"
    For example with a $50 you'd only really be able to get a bad website such as enjin, a shared host and maybe one or two premium plugins.
    However for a larger budget you can get a nice dedicated server, custom plugins and a nice website such as Xenforo, but that's not possible with a tiny budget.
    With a larger budget you have a better chance of making something professional, and built to your idea.
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  9. Financially, yeah, it's a waste of money. The potential for profit in this industry is rock bottom.

    If you enjoy it though, sure, why not. Chances are you'll fail, but you might enjoy it and could very well succeed. People have before. Although, it's quite a lot more saturated now.

    Exactly how do you spend $50 and have a server? It's not impossible, but very difficult to set up anything other a generic server with $50, and even then you won't have any money left around for advertisement. You need quite a lot to start up a server for financial profit today.
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  10. He has a good point in some sense. All of that isn't necessary. You should focus on user experience. You should start with shared hosting, as little custom plugins as necessary to establish your idea, and avoid a forum initially until it is necessary. The server is your selling point, develop that. You don't need a dedicated server and a forum and tons of custom plugins.

    At foundation, your budget on hosting should be minimal (but your host should allow you to provide a flawless experience, no lag gameplay and whatnot), you should have custom plugins that are necessary to establish a basic version of your server idea, and most of your money should be spent on development of your idea and advertising it.

    A misallocated budget is a big reason why servers fail.
  11. Research is what you need to do. I've been looking for a long time for a good host. I concluded my decision with aquatis host, they have a ton of positive vouches and great support. 10 bucks a month for 9 gb ram hosting and a free dedicated ip. 16 bucks for a year of hosting that will check all your needs. around 8 dollars for buycraft for a month.
    here is my website: (i made this all myself, i wasn't a pussy and hired a kid to make me a theme for ~100 bucks. it doesn't look bad and it works for a forums page and news portal. used mybb forum software)

    if you work hard and be dedicated to your server i beleive you'll be able to fullfil all your needs for a server launch
  12. Hey,I'm searching for a second owner for my project that i want to start en i personaly think we can do some good work together i'm a owner with exprience of servers and i also can populate our servers. If you want to contact me for more private stuff you can dm us on @ArvetixNetwork on twitter or here :3
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  13. I am not making this thread for finding a partner, I am looking to do this on my own.
  14. $50 is more than enough to start a server (~70 players), if you know how to manage your money well. You don't need a large starting budget to have a 'professional' server, nor an expensive forum & premium plugins, that's just putting more money into the whole project that you' might not make back. It all depends on your server niche and how you impress your server
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  15. Alright,have a nice day and maybe you find your self a beter answer
  16. Aschorren


    Experiencing success at any budget north of $10 is totally possible.

    I've seen you around the community quite a lot and it's obvious that you're very dedicated and experienced with the basics, which is a hurdle to a lot of complete beginners. The fact that you have you experience AND a several hundred dollar budget is a huge plus.

    I began my first successful server with just $40 years ago. I would literally go person to person, forum to forum, inviting them to my server. I had several unsuccessful server projects prior, and I was utterly determined to make that one work.

    You have everything it takes @ComputerGuy365 and I'm happy to answer any further questions you have. Give it a swing! :D

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  17. That's extremely off-topic and doesn't belong here, but it looks like something Audentio Design would do.
  18. Aschorren


    @benj deserves the credit for that. He is an extremely talented web designer.
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  19. It's only a waste if your long-term plans don't involve you getting a irl full time job to support yourself, or if this isn't a hobby imo