is this actually possible???

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  1. so, i was thinking one day about how small and insecure my life is, and an idea mysteriously joined my server inside my brain. what if i could unite millions of players with a mini game?

    Basically what happens is there can be a player on any server they want, and join a queue on a global SQL server.. then once a game arena is made, everyone gets teleported to the lobby location on their server and every tick, the plugin sends info like player location, health, arm pose, and the server receives it and makes fake NPCs with those features. so basically no matter what server you’re on, you can always play against other people around the world regardless of what server they’re on.

    Let’s say i’m on mineplex and my friend is on hypixel. i join a SG queue, and so does my friend. we get in the same lobby, and once the game starts, NPCs are made that are powered from the MySQL information about the other player. then every tick, it updates that NPC so if that friend moves, then the NPC would move.

    a tick is still choppy. it will seem like you’re lagging. (20 ticks is 1 second)

    is this actually possible?
    is it possible to have 128 MS servers on minecraft?
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    Obviously the main problem is: Why would people pay to relay messages that aren't giving them any money?

    Let's take your example. Mineplex would have to have a BungeeCord server relaying messages to and from Hypixel. Edit: Not a BungeeCord server if the plugin relays stuff itself, but still a sort of relay server.

    Why would Mineplex do this? They get no profit for it, and they are using their own resources unnecessarily.

    Even ignoring that aspect, the fact you'd have to relay messages would unavioidably add latency. Getting a consistent 128ms latency with your idea would be highly unlikely.

    Also, obviously using MySQL for what you're suggesting would clearly not work, as MySQL is a database tool.

    Also, there's very little to stop a malicious server causing fake NPCs in the game with buffed items. The other servers would be unable to check if the NPCs used hacks or not, so hacking would be rampant.
  3. I agree @joehot200 commercial servers would never do that.

    I see more potential in a similar strategy… a gamemode client mod, which informs a player as soon as the an game is availabe on any server, which hosts such a specific gamemode. Of couse the game must sent statistic data to a central game server, which the client accesses (this could be SQL based, too).

    E.g. There is a game called GlobalWhateverGame, which is hosted on 20 servers, each server will send how many players and free slots are on each server.
    All players with this client mod could display this information and join to any of these 20 specific server if he/she wants and join the GlobalWhateverGame there.
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    This is an interesting idea. However, I think you are trying to refer to something like an almost decentralized Minecraft network. There is one main server that serves all of the data and then there can be other servers that host some sort of connection to this Minecraft network through the use of NPCs and other features to simulate the real-time players on the other connections.

    I'm assuming that this would be a better approach, or maybe this was what you were thinking about, since I cannot see large servers wanting to connect with each other. Each large server has their own unique (or not) features and I don't think bringing them together would be the best option.