Is this allowed

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  1. Hey, I was wondering

    1. Am I allowed to trace IP's from people their servers using my plugins. So I can join them when I want to.

    2. Am I allowed to automaticly upload stacktraces (errors) + Config/Data/files etc to see what's wrong. And help preventing

  2. Even if it was allowed, you should in in some way ask them/give them an option to choose if they want to share this information, like Microsoft does in the Windows setup for example.
  3. You have to ask the user's permission for collecting data. Otherwise you may get in some problems..
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  4. Yeah, I thought so.

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  5. Offtopic: I have a Oneplus One too :D.

    On topic: Alright. I will search the best way to work this out.

    I tought of just putting IP's in a hastebin or something. Just dont really know how I should work it out
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  7. I wish I could buy one lol. Hope you enjoy it
  8. I will, trust me
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  9. Keep the ips stored somewhere safe and not on hastebin
  10. Hmm, what would be 'safe'?
  11. A private website should do, but encrypt ips
  12. Although it's probably best to ask the user if they want to share their information, there are a lot of plugins that collect that kind of data, which don't ask the players (but they only store the information for their own use, keeping it private). To be honest, using a configuration file to store a player's IP address under their UUID (or vice-versa) seems secure enough, as long as you trust everyone with access to your server's files.
  13. He means server ip not the players ips :)
  14. Then why on earth would that not be allowed? LOL
  15. Some people might just not want that shared... there's reasons.
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  16. It's so easy to find though! You don't even need a client lol
  17. You have to remember what can be done with someone's IP address. If someone malicious gets a hold of your IP they could DDOS you. On the other hand, every minecraft server logs IP addresses of who logs in -- at least temporarily. If you don't believe me, simply check your console after someone logs in, it will display their IP address. Also, to be courteous, I would at least let your users know that you're logging their IP and what for.
  18. Thanks for the lecture, friend!
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  19. Yeah there's other software that does this, but I would be turned off from using plugins that report back to their authors.