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  1. This is just my opinion, but if something is old enough, popular enough, and still maintained well. Then I believe such authors should be allowed to keep their original prices and/or follow the rules in which the put the resource up under.

    To me, it would be a breach in trust if I put up a resource under a specific set of guidelines to only be hit by a moderator years down the road because of some change to the original agreement.
    Even if Spigot reserves the right to change its rules at any time.

    So I have no gripes with spigot for allowing some plugins to have "special treatment".

    Maybe I'm wrong. I don't know.
  2. Weaves

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    From the Premium Resource Guidelines:
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  3. do you know that the law isn't retroactive, at least i had this term in school.
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  4. 2008Choco

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    While some are retroactively enforced, generally yes you are correct and is the reason the price for plugins such as EpicWorldGenerator have not had that rule enforced. If the price were to be changed however, at that point we would enforce it. If, for example, the author attempted to increase the price to $41.00, we could then step in and tell them otherwise because we do now have that rule in place.

    That's getting more into the "legal" perspective on it, but with respect to Spigot and the Premium Resource Guidelines, it states that we do grandfather some regulations while others we retroactively enforce (no dependency internet connection, for example). That's that.
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  5. Laws may not be, but bylaws can be.

    For example, in the city I live in, probably the whole country.... a lot of apartments/condos are changing their bylaws to not allow pets.
    Current tenants/owners are usually grandfathered in if they currently have a pet they are allowed to keep it.
    In situations like this, you might move into a building that says NO PETS and wonder why a lot of other people have pets, This is why, grandfathering. Its very common in the world today.

    In the province I live in, the drivers licensing for new drivers has changed several times, and each time they have grandfathered the current new drivers to stick with the old rules.

    As for EpicWorldGenerator, yes they are grandfathered in, and Im sure other plugins are as well. I only know of that one because I have purchased that one.
    I purchased it back when it worked really well, and I could justify the $40 price tag. As it stands now, EWG has gone downhill and isn't picking itself up very quickly.
    Anyone who reads the reviews on that plugin is HEAVILY warned not to buy it right now. ITs in a state that it is currently not worth its price tag. With the amount of negativity revolving around that plugin, Im quite surprised Spigot hasn't stepped in to deal with that pricing. It really should be adjust, I however couldn't care less as I have already purchased it and a price change wouldn't affect me any.

    At the end of the day, Spigot can make its own rules and do whatever it wants. If they change their rules they have every right to grandfather/protect old rules to make sure not to screw someone over.

    Imagine posting a premium plugin today, for $20, and then tomorrow Spigot changing the rules so max price was $10, and making you drop your price to $10. Doesn't seem quite fair.

    Thats the way the world works.
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  6. That's because resource developers can choose their own price tag, even if the resource is completely not worth it. As long as the premium resource guidelines are met, you can give it the price you want. I don't see why Spigot should handle individual resources' prices (and I'm glad they don't).
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  7. This made my day lol.

    Points you should consider:
    1. We members do not own
    if they ban us for no reason, we do not have a dirt to say about it unless you own a property maintained by them.
    Then you could ask for them to remove that.

    2. does not have an obligation to grant any member personal requests.
    Thats why when I post a suggestion here. I quickly forget about it and move on lol.

    3. If your not comfortable with the platform then move to another or create it yourself if you are saying your that good.

    4. Frustration can be a difficult thing. I know. But its also good to know your limits.
    Take for example my frustration on minecraft features where I have to dig deep into the code and cant do
    what I want to do. Oh wait I DO NOT OWN THE MINECRAFT GAME! Thats why lol.

    or the issue about resource piracy.

    An advise. Talk to the staff about your issues and calm down. We are using this platform for free.
    If they dont give a cent then move on consider other options.
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  8. 2008Choco

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    Thread has since derailed. OP's question was answered a while ago.

    Thread locked.
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