Is this allowed?

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  1. One of my server's co-owners used to have a server with some paid plugins he bought on Spigot.
    Now that server died. Could I use those plugins in my server?
  2. Read the plugins ToS, and it depends on the plugins protection. If the plugin only works on one IP or it will shut down, then no. If the author is okay with it and that doesn't happen, then yes.

  3. Any tutorial on how to do so the plugin only "works on one IP" ? Sounds interesting.
  4. It would be stupid to make a plugin work on only one IP. What if a network owner wants it on his entire network and all the servers have different IP's?

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  5. No, all the servers would be on the same node. It's called different ways to protect yourself against leaks.
  6. Most plugins say that it can be used on only a server/network the buyer owns. Considering that, in this case, the buyer is a co-owner of the server, it might be allowed. But what I want is to know what do paid plugin devs think about this, because everyone doesn't think the same.
  7. You should be able to use them, but don't hand them out left and right.
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