Is this enough?

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  1. CPU: 4 processors Intel Xeon E5-4610
    RAM: 96 GB
    Connection: 1Gbps
    Disk: 512 GB Samsung 850 Pro

    Each server:
    (factions, skyblock, a custom minigame using less resources than factions, another custom minigame using about the same amount of resources as a Hypixel lobby/Skywars game)
    Allocated RAM: 16 GB
    Disk: 100 GB SSD
    Players: Less than 200
    MySQL: Ran on another machine, same DataCenter
    Map size: I have done what I can to minimize the size, tri-monthly resets & player data resets if they're offline for more than a week.

    I was just wondering if this was a good enough setup for what I am trying to run.
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    Sure, but you're going with a provider who has no realistic DDoS mitigation so you should be prepared.
  3. OVH BungeeCord server + Cloudflare.
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    *sigh* CloudFlare doesn't protect Minecraft servers, but sure, OVH will work. But the latency from your dedicated server to OVH will be bad.
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  5. Yeah, I was thinking that. CloudFlare does help block remote resolving of domains/sub-domains. I'll likely use RamNode & buy their DDoS protection for it and see how it goes.

    Anyways, thanks.
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  6. CloudFlare only blocks resolving of domains protected, you can't protect a Minecraft server via CloudFlare.
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  7. I use the domain and SRV records, which helps.
  8. SRV records can still be looked up just like an A record.
  9. Some ISPs have issues with SRV records, which could potentially mean some players would be unable to connect.