Is this host legit?

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  1. I just saw this server host talked about on a thread post on an other forum and they seemed to be really happy with the service but the prices I see with ddos protection to makes me wonder. Also they responded within 10 min at multiple times ( 8am, 2pm, 10pm, 2am ) all within 10 min or less. This makes me feel like its more legit.

    Thanks for any info about this company!
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    Hmm, they mention nothing about a bungee set up, and yet...


  3. This can be done without bungee.... only if you lower the view distance and so on and it will still lag but I am only looking to have a 1gb server since that it more then enough to hold 60 players with my current set up.
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    Personally would recommend 2GB for 60 players.

    I would also like to warn you that it seems to be a MINECRAFT server, have you checked that you get FTP and SSH access?

    Also, whats the CPU like?

    You could get 100 people on 1GB of RAM (Though you could not get lots of plugins), its the CPU that counts.

    The fact that with 80+ people online i was only paying £24/month means i know it can be done at that sort of price. I would GUESS that the host is legitimate, but i cannot be sure.
  5. I know one of the owners of VenomServers through Skype. Yes, they're legit, although I've never had a server with them.
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  6. Thank you for the information!
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    Do check if they have FTP and SSH etc. I have heard of a few people being ripped off by hosts which do not allow FTP or SSH. and it usually important that you have such things.
  8. Thanks for the information. I will make sure to ask!
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  9. Fine, I will be that guy.


    Stare for a while. You will find it.
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  10. the f is missing o.0 now im wondering........
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  11. now the company really doesn't seem legit found an other spelling mistake.....

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    MultiCrat control panel.

    New additions to minecraft, didnt you know?

    Honestly, the ignorance of people!

    In all seriousness, I would agree that the host is starting to seem unlegit... Spelling mistakes are always a bad thing.
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    Just cause someone on here knows X person from X host does not mean they are great in quality.
    I have several hosts on my Skype and I wouldn't recommend most of them to the people I hate.

    Want something cheap and dedicated go with OVH hosting.
    Been using them half a year and other than 1 incident I can't really complain.

    If your looking for DDOS protection, don't expect to find quality for cheap. ;)
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  14. I sent in an email asking about the spelling mistakes. I wonder what they will say.

    I don't think I will be moving to this host anytime soon XD
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    You could also use DDoS protected VPS hosts in a round-robin DNS system with a bungee pointing to your main server.

    In basic speaking, get lots of DDoS protected VPSs for about £10/mo. Then set a bungeecord up redirecting them to the main server.

    I am currently working on such setup, however am finding a shortage of good DDoS protected cheap hosts.

    And the good ones all seem to be out of stock. Gah :p
  16. I am currently with OVH and have had no problems at all and I already know that ddos protection can't be found for that cheap I was just dreaming a bit XD. Just some people are getting close to my 100mbps cap with 50-70mbps ddos attacks daily and I am looking for a way so I don't have to worry.

    Currently I am just absorbing the attacks with the 100mbps line from OVH
  17. I was looking into this not to long ago but I really don't have to much push room in my budget right now.
  18. joehot200


    Same. Except when they DDoSd me with 1.2 million PPS, which the server could not cope with even though it was only 70Mbps.

    And in that case, i am pretty much the same as you. On OVH, absorbing DDoS attacks, and want to find a soloution :p
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    Email i sent to my admins about my donation info.
    625.50 GBP (Income of all time)
    This Year
    461.00 GBP (Donations this year)
    This Month
    150.00 GBP (Donations this month)
    £71/month for OVH dedicated server.
    £6/month (£24/month because of some hiccups) for BungeeCord server on ip
    £8/month for DDoS protection (It WILL BE MORE! It is NOT SET UP YET)
    And I do not do paid advertising, etc.
    £71 + £6 + £24 = £101
    150 – 101 = 49… hang on, that cant be right.*Gets calculator out*
    Aha, it is 101. Fail :3
    So, £101/month for hosting costs. (MONTHLY)
    £49 profit this so far this month.

    Good to see donations picking up.