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  1. So, lets say I am making a private plugin for a client and he is paying for it. I've just recently learned to use maven and I had this one big question. In this plugin, there should be a advanced scoreboard. Would it be okay if I used a public scoreboard api from github like this one: Or in that matter any open source code like an ItemBuilder a Cooldowns class etc. I'm just afriad of being judged by others and I don't know whats the right decision.
  2. If it's of decent quality I would say hell yeah. The client gets a quicker & therefore cheaper product, as long as they are fine with it of course. I always ask customers if a certain dependency or library is alright to use if it is not mission critical (like the jdbc connector for example I won't even ask, but a featherboard hook instead of a custom scoreboard is definitely a point of discussion :p).

    Do look at what license a library is under though, sometimes a project requires you to either give credit or does not allow use in paid products, only open source... It's best to stick to that IMO, just for the respect towards the original developer if not the legal side of things.
  3. You are not in general allowed to shade open source libraries into proprietary software, and if you are, you need to respect their licenses. This API is licensed under GPLv3. That means you may only shade it if you license your own plugin under GPLv3 or a compatible license as well. If you shade this library, if you want it or not, your customer has a claim to get your source code, and he would be allowed to copy and redistribute both the source and the bytecode jar.
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  4. He's right with that. You can read the details at (The license file of the repository you (@savfsfcwdvcfs) mentioned. GitHub has a decent integration that will show you some general information at the top of several licenses:

    Screenshot at Aug 09 12-25-40.png

    Even if this doesn't have to reflect the whole license it gives you a very good overview that will answer all of your questions. You should take a look at all licenses of all software you're using as some of them will at least require you to copy their license or mentioning the original author.
  5. Oh alrighty, I guess the overview is only shown if you are on PC. Im on my phone and not logged in.