Is this processor ok?

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  1. Is an Intel Xeon Scalable Gold 6132 (14c/28t 2.6-3.7 GHz) good like processor for a minigames network?
    I saw that minecraft requirements are like 3.0ghz, would this processor work for a 500+ server?
  2. You'd get better performance from an i7 9700k

    EDIT: Above only applies to the “500+ server”, but it also depends on how said minigames are ran, and how many there are.
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    Two VERY different things requiring VERY different CPUs.

    This CPU is an excellent choice for the first, but not so much for the second.
  4. Well I think I'll have to purchase two dedicated servers in this case, thanks for the informations guys :D
  5. Do you know any good hosting that uses that type of processor?
  6. Hey. It depends on the assembly. Optimizing it, setting up, removed logs ect. If the build is fine tuned then it will go even on this processor
  7. I already know that, and after 3 years I've learned almost everything about server optimization, but this server is a big 3 years long project and we also spent a lot of money (like 5000€+) until now, so the processor would be ok I know, but how many things would it carry before beginning dropping tps etc? I prefer purchasing more and different dedicated servers to avoid that
  8. Like md_5 said, if you are going to run multiple small minigame servers with like 0 - 20 players, a “Intel Xeon Gold 6132” would be a very good choice if it suits your budget. Really depends on what kind of minigames you will be running to determine how many players the machine can hold but my guess would be that the machine is able to hold 500+ easily.
  9. At Cloudistical, we use Xeon Gold 6140's, pretty similar to what you're looking at. Our clients are more than satisfied with it's performance, and you will probably be very happy with a similar-grade CPU as well! But you would probably get better performance with an i7-9700k, as another user mentioned. If you're getting a deal on it, then I say go for it, it will [more than likely] not disappoint you or your players. If you PM me or otherwise contact me, I can hook you up with a server on a shared host. I understand this is not what you're looking for, and most certainly not ideal for 500+ players, but there you can do all the stress-testing you want or whatnot. I will be more than happy to cooperate with you on this.

    Good luck with your server otherwise, and have a fantastic day!

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