Is this Rasberry Pi setup good for DEVELOPMENT?

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  1. (I just realized I posted this in the wrong section, please don't let me know since I already know!)

    So, I am really addicted to developing plugins and just programming in general. I want to set up a seperate computer just to run Databases and servers off of and I stumbled upon the Rasberry Pi. I found this setup through hours of research after giving up on the fact that the Rasberry Pi Zero probably will never be in stock when I want to purchase it. This whole setup will cost me 57$'s plus tax, and since this is alot of money I need opinions from expierienced developers to make sure that this setup will work really well for what I am expecting (Maybe even some suggestions), especially for Minecraft plugin testing.

    I found these 3 items:

    Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

    EdimaxWi-Fi USB Adapter

    Premium Clear Case
  2. A rasp pi can usually do a plugin and a player fine, I personally would never do this on a rasp pi. If I were you I'd go buy this,

    You can do a whole lot more with it even run a database and web server if you decide to develop plugins like that. Even Node or php, allows you to expand your horizons and add multiple plugins with your developed plugins if you choose to hook/integrate them.
  3. Would you recommend purchasing the Edimax Wi-Fi USB Adapter with it?
  4. I got a webserver and some smaller stuff running on a Raspberry PI 2 Model B. For such things a raspberry is fine.

    Lately i started a spigot 1.8.8 server on it... i do not recomment to run a MC server on a raspberry pi. Its hardware resources are insufficient. The server might run with 20 TPS, only if one single player is online. Even for simple plugin tests it would be easier and faster to test on a localhost server.

    If you want to host a 24/7 test server i think the best you can do is get any cheap, but not too bad PC / Server rack like Squall suggested.

    Depends on your situation, how good is your WiFi reception? In general i recomment to use LAN. Only use WLAN for servers, if your WiFi reception is very very good and stable.
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  5. It's not nessecerilly a bad setup, but I wouldn't recommend you using a Raspberry Pi for a Minecraft server as it doesn't have the required hardware resource to run a server for 2 players.
  6. I would HIGHLY reccomend an wired connection. Run a little cat6 or even a power line setup it will be better then any wireless connection (unless you have some sort of cisco meraki or ruckus setup which I highly doubt).

    Edit* may I ask what your internet speed direct from the modem/ISP is?
  7. You just linked me to a monitor... I have lost 100% hope, go back to the basics before you start hardcore "developing". Go with the freaking R200 I linked up there and don't listen to your friend he clearly doesn't know shit.
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    I meant that one! LOL
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  9. The one I linked is much better and still cheaper. That one is an operton machine so it may limit some of your development products.
  10. You known how load they are?

    I got a Dell Poweredge 2950 and it's so freaking loud
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  11. I mean, it's okay, since from what I know a good developer machine wouldn't be the best for < 100$'s unless you recommend something else.
  12. I had some issues using the Edimax, because of its power input, I think I gave up and threw it away
  13. Any other recommendation for getting internet?
  14. Short answer: No
    Long answer: Noooooooooooo

    It's not very powerful. What's wrong with just running everything locally for testing?
  15. Nothing, but I can't run it with 99.99% uptime.
  16. I work at a datacenter. I have 4 racks in my basement.

    My recommendation is to throw some cat6 where maybe coax or rj11 ports were previously and if you have an attic or basement, below or above you it should be a very easy task.
  17. So I run the servers off my computer by plugging these cat6's, do I get like harddrives or something (Sorry I am really bad with computer specs)?
  18. You plug ethernet and a monitor/keyboard into the server I linked and install multicraft or whatever I assume you dont know how to use screens. You then would run whatever you want. I believe the server I linked came with HDD, CPU, RAM etc.
  19. Would this part be able to run if my computer was shut off?