Is this VPS good enough for 2 servers and 2 websites?

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  1. Hello,

    Clovux is offering a promo for their VPS and I'm wondering if it would be decent enough to run 1 build-team server, 1 towny server, and 2 websites. Here's the specs from their thread: E5-1620v2 @ 3.70GHz, DDR3 1600MHz, HDD, and 1Gbps uplink.

    I was thinking of getting 8GB Ram, 2 CPU vCores, and 50GB disk space

    Extra info: From their thread they're apparently having a max of 15 VPS per node.

    Will this work well or would I be better off with a shared host?

  2. It all depends on how much players you expect to have. Running a website from my experience isn't something that requires a lot of machine power (I have performance monitoring on all of my servers, and my webserver is barely even doing anything). 8 GB for 3 MC servers is not a lot, but it can be fine depending on your player & plugin count.
  3. I'll probably just have 4 players max on the building server and on towny I expect 20 max.
  4. True, but if they play with WE/FAWE/ASWE then you might just need 4gb to avoid timeouts.

    Don't forget to give 1gb to the OS to run smoothly, 2gb for the websites (they can use php7 caching to benefit in performance) and you know how much you've got left for the rest. Personally I rather give a 64bit OS at least 8gb ram, this way the os can snuggle a couple, use less swap, and websites can run on a gig for storing what it needs to load and gig for handling visitors, per site. And I rather give at least 3gb per MC server.

    But for starters, .. while you set everything up: sure.. just run one single MC server and see how that runs with 5+ ppl online.. see if it stays the same if it's 10+ ppl.. if so, you can run 2 of them as well.

    Don't forget, you can just run 1 spigot server with multiverse-core, so you only need 1 nether, 1 end, 1 spawn, and then 1 world for building and 1 for towny. You dont have to run the same server twice, end/nether twice, the plugins twice, the player data twice.. No need for bungee, you can run 1.13 and 1.12 with bit more memory in online mode.
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  5. i would say 8gb ram is achievable
    but better safe then sorry