Is this worth it?

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  1. Not really at all lol. My friend bought a $3k USD computer for 2 of the NVIDIA 1080s but I mean liquid cooling and the 7th Gen i7 do make it a bit tempting. Personally, I just bought a Gaming Laptop (Its not that bad for my purposes tbh. A lot better than what I used to have) and I obviously wouldn't beat this thing in a test of Any sort BUT for $1600 USD I personally wouldn't agree with the Is it worth it. Companies sell it for much higher prices than what you can do with a water cooled build and not a pre built one. I wouldn't but you might. Who knows? Personally I don't like Pre-Builds only cause companies do lousy jobs usually, but hey, I can't complain.
  2. Anything above $1000 is just future proofing and not really worth it in a the long term, build yourself a smart computer and work add to it when stuff becomes outdated
  3. Blame me.
    I bought me a MacBook Pro 2016 w/ Touchbar & 256 GB Storage. Its cost me 2,7k €.
    You can game on it very well and it looks stunning! Is it worth it? Yes for me sure but others call me an idiot.

    To your purchase:

    If you like this setup, buy it. But there are always "ways" to get more out of your money.
  4. Gaxan


    You could build it yourself for less or get more for the money.
  5. That's overpcied af lol, why not try to build your own pc ? It's like lego imo
  6. Nah, only if you want an All-In-One, you can get those specs for a desktop and a monitor for like 2.5k$
  7. No, not really worth it.
  8. No not at all. You can never future proof something. I would just build your own desktop.
  9. Just take your $3400, buy your own parts, and build a boss ass PC.
    You'll get 50% more machine if you do it that way.
  10. Build your own rig. Not only will you get a sick PC, but you will have the satisfaction of building it yourself.
  11. I would build my own and safe a lot of money.
  12. No, not really worth it.