Bukkit Island Border (ASkyblock / BentoBox / uSkyBlock / AcidIsland / IslandWorld) Build 2

Per Player Border, Colored borders, Actions with cooldown, Nether border and Placeholders

  1. The files in Accounts of new players are empty and this cause many errors in console. Config is default. What is the error?

    Config/Error: https://pastebin.com/DtBJRdYr
    #301 niqoar, May 26, 2019
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  2. Did you used IslandBorder Build 1?
  3. Yes! Do I need to delete some file?
  4. if you don't care about all player's border state, like border color and if border is enabled, then you can remove Accounts.db (i don't remember the db name, but remove the file with the end .db)
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  5. MrDarkness462 updated Island Border (ASkyblock / BentoBox / uSkyBlock / AcidIsland / IslandWorld) with a new update entry:

    1.14 Support, IslandWorld Support, Default values for border, Bugs fixed

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  6. Can the players go beyond their island border? I mean VIP+ players that has /fly goes outside of their island can visit others islands without being blocked by their own island border? I will try it right now and see how it looks, that is useful for players who want to know their island limits :D

    Edit: Nope, but I'll give them the toggle permission :)
  7. they can disable the border when they want to leave their island
  8. Yep thats I noticed after testing, given permission! Thanks for this great plugin Darkness! <3
  9. you're welcome
  10. [02:08:22 WARN]: [IslandBorder] Task #362 for IslandBorder vBuild 2 generated an exception
    java.lang.NullPointerException: null
  11. Use Build 1
  12. Hey!

    Love this plugin, very cool, works a charm.

    Though, I have some suggestions.

    - A function/permission that allows players to bypass the island border and doesn't show the red lines upon leave of the red border.

  13. You mean the screen's red border? Like the player isn't in the border and is outside?