Solved Island Level in front of Name?

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  1. On askyblock, I see on servers that you can see the players island level in front of their name.

    How do you do this? Thanks.

    EDIT: Putting {ISLAND_LEVEL} in front of the prefix did not work.
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  2. EndlessGames

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    Add {ISLAND_LEVEL} to the chat prefix in your chat plugin.
  3. this did not work.
  4. EndlessGames

    EndlessGames Previously EndlessWorld

    You use essentialschat or other plugin?
  5. I use EssentialsChat
  6. EndlessGames

    EndlessGames Previously EndlessWorld

    Try to use this version of essentials: click that
    And check if vault is installed.
  7. ASkyBlock has a configuration setting for enabling this I believe...

    If that doesn't work, try PlaceholderAPI along with ASkyBlock placeholders that can be found on the wiki.
  8. Vault is installed, and I've tried this and it still didn't work.
  9. Try using chatex instead of essentialschat.
  10. Thank you so much
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