Bukkit Island World (Skyblock replacement) Island World 8.5

Best skyblock plugin ;-)

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    Island World (Skyblock replacement) - skyblock

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  2. Welcome to spigot, finally haha :p
  3. May I suggest something? Please make a converter like if you are coming from the askyblock plugin or uskyblock. It would be great :)
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  4. he already got over 100k downloads :)))))
  5. Gnacik updated Island World (Skyblock replacement) with a new update entry:

    Island World 4.8

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  6. Gnacik updated Island World (Skyblock replacement) with a new update entry:

    Island World 4.8

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  7. Any Idea why some trees blocks became saplings? and sometimes saplings are auto placed?

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    Island World 4.9

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  9. my spawnpoint is in the same word as the islands and at -1600 120 -1600

    Our list count (0) is smaller than max config (40000), scheduling re-generate
    02.01 12:25:01 [Server] WARN ============================
    02.01 12:25:01 [Server] WARN Warning! Spawn point in Spawn World is in area reserved for islands.
    02.01 12:25:01 [Server] WARN ERROR
    02.01 12:25:01 [Server] WARN ============================
    and i did /islandev setspawn and it didnt work same error
  10. Hello there buddy, this plugin is really one of the best if not the best out there. We play it a lot on my server, and our players have full finished islands and actually after playing skyblock several years I can suggest you one thing. Its probably hard to code but it would be just epic - its additional (extra) island for players. Maybe even 2 or 3 extra islands? So players never stop playing, they can create multiple islands. This feature probably needs additional commands for is create and etc, permission n0de and idk what more it needs cause im not a java coder. If its possible to code please try to do it, ppl will love and we can even donate again and dare other ppl to donate!
    Regards StonerBros
  11. If skyblock has extra island, server owners could make lots of new perks, maybe they would also throw some tips to your motivational account if u get what i mean. Its actually epic feature, plugin would need total or hal total revamp if u think deeper, but i think its worth it.
  12. Is there a config option to get the plugin to skip say the first 9 island locations? Or can the admin claim and create islands at the center that never get marked as vacant?

    I am not an expert, but apparently all worlds have a 256x256 spawn region where chunks are held loaded all the time, and I don't think that can be turned off. The first 9 or so islands to be created in an empty island world will overlap that spawn region and be constantly chunkloaded.

    I don't want the first newcomers to get this benefit vs anyone else who arrives later with an island outside the spawn region.
  13. I'm trying to better understand this config option:

    # Maximum islands in row/col (will be x * z)
    # Islands are pregenerated, you can change it later
    max-count: 100

    So apparently the max possible islands is 100* 100 or 10,000?

    Is that going to be enough? Don't know how many might play... :)
  14. Is there a better explanation of what snail mode means?

    # How new islands should be generated ?
    # Snail : 0-0 0-1 1-0 1-1, 1-2 2-0 2-1 etc.
    # Normal: 0-1 0-2 0-3 0-4 0-5 etc.
    # Snail mode can take lots of time !
    snail-mode: false

    Sorry but your number lists mean nothing to me. Is there an image or diagram somewhere?
  15. If you have one world you need to build spawn at negative coords, eg. -100, -100

    100 x 100 IS 10000

  16. Welcome to spigot. This is an amazing plugin!
  17. Hello, thanks to your usefull plugin. I use it on my server and i have a big exploit problem.
    In visit mode, player can die and drop inventory on visited island.
    With this, player can give more and more block. Could you handle it ? make visitor like ghost please ?

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