Spigot Island World (Skyblock replacement) IslandWorld 9.7

Best skyblock plugin ;-)

  1. You must run 1.6.4 version to convert such old files. Then if server will start without any errors you can update to latest.
    1.6.4 can be downloaded here
  2. Huhhhh!

    Thank you for the advise!
    It was terribly challenging!
    I have had to dig out the spigot, WorldGuard, and WorldEdit to date. . .
    Two stages of conversions passed, but there are side effects:

    1. I've set region-spacing: 1, and maintain commodity roads
    around islands. Stone slabs on sides with torches, and cobble slabs
    on middle. It seems the regions are shifted by one block to south...
    (off center of cobble path)
    In case of IslandWorld-1.6.4 (at the middle conversion stage) - there was
    no gap at all :-(
    Also, I have noticed a good stuff

    width: 0
    height: 150
    block: '44:2'

    I'll give it a try with "width: 1" later!

    2. Welcome message is somehow OK, but Farewell is not.
    Sections in the config file seem ineffective:

    - priority:0
    - pvp:deny

    - greeting:You are entering a protected island area. (%owner%)
    - farewell:You are leaving a protected island area. (%owner%)

    3. During the startup I've got:

    [20:40:40] [Server thread/WARN]: [IslandWorld] ============================
    [20:40:40] [Server thread/WARN]: [IslandWorld] Could not connect to MySQL server! because:Communications link failure
    The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago. The driver has not received any packets from the server.
    [20:40:40] [Server thread/WARN]: [IslandWorld] ============================

    What the heck of this MySQL stuff?

    4. The most severe error:
    Cannot build outside the islands.
    (it is OK to build if IslandWorld is not loaded)
    As I mentioned earlier, my skyblock is overlaid other surface and sky features.
    Moreover, island neighbors can PVP on that single block width path between islands
    if they have affairs :)
    Other plugins provide protection of no man's land, and other larger areas - mainly
    based on WorldGuard.
    Any tricks or suggestions on this?

    5. Just a question:
    Earlier, I can find the entires in worldguard region files for islands,
    but now I cannot find anything. I have a bad passion to edit those
    things by hand time to time by using a text editor.
    What is up now?
    Is it volatile, and generated by using Island's data on the fly?
    My suggestion is to create WG region on island create, and delete it on
    "delete" by name - do not touch in between.

    Meres Ten
  3. Alright so we tested this a few times to make sure, could be a worldguard bug, or an update I miss read in islandworld, but when a player dies on their island by falling and smashing into their island floor they keep items :p
  4. Ignore that I found the issue.
  5. Hello :),

    I have a couple suggestions for the plugin!

    1. Add a command /is owner (PName)
    - This command will make it so the ownership of an island can be transferred to another player from a non admin.
    - Will only be able to be used by owner of island

    2. Add a command /is admin (PName)
    - This would make it so you can set "Admins" for a skyblock island.
    - Admins would be able to add people, remove people, set biomes, expell people, open/close island, and set island home(s)
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  6. Hey there,

    got a problem. Here is the Pluginslist from the server:
    WorldBorder, TeleportSigns, SimpleBackup, AdvGameMode, WorldEdit, BalloonFiesta, CommandBook, ServerConnect, Vault, ProtocolLib, Multiverse-Core, PermissionsEx, HubBasics, HolographicDisplays, WorldGuard, CommandHelper, CraftBook, IslandWorld

    Spigot 1.8.7

    Now when I'm trying to create a island i get this message:
    [18:00:53 INFO]: PewPew issued server command: /is create
    [18:00:53 INFO]: [IslandWorld] Loading schematic file: normal
    [18:00:53 INFO]: [IslandWorld] Problem with Vault plugin

    Where is the Problem? Everything is uptodate
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  7. Vault version ?
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  8. cool :=)
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  9. My players are unable to use villagers on my island, where I have the skyblock spawn located, and i'm wondering why they are unable to use it? They can use them on their own island but not mine. Thank you
  10. You shouldn't have spawn inside islands areas. It can cause some problems.

    Check PM i will send you fixed .jar with option to allow villagers usage.
  11. What happened to all the other versions of IslandWorld? I'm running a Cauldron server for 1.7.10 There used to be a version 4 etc. Now there's just 6.0
  12. They are not needed, you should use latest version.
  13. where can i find the permission nodes
  14. dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/islandworld/pages/permissions/
  15. It's always :

  16. thank you i found them already my be helpful for everyone if they was posted on the main page
  17. Gnacik updated Island World (Skyblock replacement) with a new update entry:

    Island World 6.1

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  18. Players keep falling to their death in the void. Any fix for that?