Spigot IslandRate | ASkyBlock & BentoBox

Rate other user's islands on a 1-5 star scale!

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    IslandRate | ASkyBlock Addon - Rate other user's islands on a 1-5 star scale!

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  2. Does it support AcidIsland as well?
  3. I could add support for AcidIsland, however it would probably need to be a separate plugin entirely which isn't a problem.
  4. Very good complement for the ASkyBlock, I will leave some suggestions that can improve this plugin.
    I would like to put / rates, leave a menu or something in the chat that shows you the people who have qualified your island.
    You can also put so that the messages are editable.
  5. Thank you for the suggestions. When you say to leave a menu, do you mean a GUI? Or are you talking about just a menu in chat to see who rated what on your island?
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  6. Hey, really enjoying your plugin - and I'm definitely down to make a plugin showcase video for it as well if you don't mind!
    Here's my channel if this is something you're looking for: https://www.youtube.com/user/honanulu
    A few suggestions for you:
    Maybe doing /rate would allow you to also tell you how many stars the plot you're standing on has rather than just the top user.
    A /rate top to maybe display the 10 highest rated islands to make things a bit more competitive.

    Also how are you able to issue rewards for being highly rated as mentioned in the description?
  7. GUI.
    I hope you add the option to change the messages.
  8. I would love that! If you do make a video showcasing the plugin please send me a link to the video!

    Thanks for the suggestions, in the next update I'll be sure to make it display how many stars have been rated on the island that you are at, and also will add a /rate top command displaying the 10 highest rated islands as you said, good suggestions!

    What I meant by this in the resource post, is that you can manually view like the highest rated island at the end of a certain time period, whoever has the highest rated island could win some rewards, and then you could manually reset the island votes. It was merely a suggestion on what you could use the plugin for.
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  9. I will work on adding an option to change the messages for the next update.
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    Completely reworked and many new features! BETA Build!

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  11. When we add the version to be able to change the messages.
  12. You can change the messages, make sure to delete the current config.yml file that is in the IslandRate plugin folder, and reload the server!
  13. I am using the latest version.