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  1. Hello, I was wondering if any of you is familiar with this issue?


    I've noticed as well that creepers are only ignitable with a flint and steel on the upper portion / head of the creeper whilst the leg / body is not. This means it's practically impossible to raid water protected chestvaults that are built properly. This means you would have to blow through the walls of a base and center out each individual chest to TNT with a cannon.

    Hammer downs in cannons such as the leinadarcher are not possible to create considering the TNT does not center. This means the TNT will scatter / split around the walls making it unable to hammer down the slabs on a base."

    That's what a player told me? And I have no clue, how to resolve? I would really appreciate if someone can give me some help or advise me?
  2. In my experience the only way to raid a vault surrounded by water, Is to cobble monster it from the outside. Then TNT Cannon your way through the mess the cobble monster made until you penetrate the vault walls. Once you're inside, You can use creeper eggs to blow up chests if permitted.
  3. Thank you! Any suggestions on the settings?
  4. With hybrid cannons anyone can raid a base even with water. Even powerful plugins like crackshot on my server, my co owner developed a "Tsar bomb" that would drop thousands of tnt blocks disguised as command blocks to explode in a certain chunk, it causes lag sure, but it does TERRIBLY GOOD damage even with bases underwater.
  5. @Byteflux I had a look at that Jenkins, but couldn't find any documentation. Do you have a link for that?
  6. You run PaperTools just like you run BuildTools. So the BuildTools documentation from Spigot applies.