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  1. Hello, I needed some help. I would like to know how for example if I wanted to go to my old host and transfer all the files from there to my new machine and into a specific directory.
  2. Download it to your computer then upload it?
    OR, this is tedious and NOT recomemnded.
    Put the files in your webserver at like ip/newdedi/<YOUR-FILES-HERE>
    and do wget -r ip/newdedi
    If this doesnt work, just PM me and ill help you.
  3. Hey, I'm new to linux, so is it okay if you do it, as if I end up doing it, I will mess it up.

    Also with transferring to my computer, it would take like 5 days +
  4. Sudzzy


  5. I think a better solution would be rsync or scp.
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  6. Yeah thanks. I ended up using rsync.
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  7. + respect for rsync :p
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