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  1. I'm currently running a BungeeCord server with LiteBans installed on every server except for the bungee proxy. I have them connected to each other via SQL, so that all punishments are synced and carried out on all servers.

    The issue I'm having is that the kick and ban punishments aren't working. To be more specific, if I ban a player while on Skyblock and they are on Hub, the server won't enforce the punishment until they disconnect and reconnect. Kicking doesn't do anything at all, since it doesn't have any lasting punishment once they re-connect. When I kick from Skyblock when I'm on hub, it says that it is attempting a cross-server kick but it doesn't do anything.
    Here's the config.yml:
    Everything between the configs for Skyblock and Hub is identical, excluding server_name.

    Is this maybe caused because I don't have litebans installed on the BungeeCord Proxy? Or is it something else that's causing it?
  2. You need to install it on the BungeeCord Proxy
  3. Not necessarily. You can have it on each Spigot instance if you so wish, it just requires more configuration and a reliable database.
  4. Then how would I make it so that it issues the punishment without them having to relog when done from a separate server?

    Really don't have a problem with adding it on the bungee, if that's just easier.
  5. It is easier having it on Bungeecord, there should be a setting called kick from proxy in config file
  6. If this is what you meant, I already have it set to true.
    Aside from that, I didn't see anything.
  7. Having a look at your config that you've shared here, instead of using the MariaDB Driver, try using the MySQL Driver instead and double check that any server using Litebans has the same name in the config as each other. For this, I'd preferrably use your server's name as the server_name in the config (i.e: "server_name: 'litebans'").
  8. I changed the database to MySQL and the server_name for both servers to 'litebans', however it still refuses to issue the punishment until they rejoin.
  9. That is most certainly peculiar... Try just installing Litebans on BungeeCord then as I have no idea why the heck it ain't working.
  10. Alright I will, thanks for your time anyways

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