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  1. So when I do /nick to set a nick name it adds "none" to my nickname. For example if I make my nickname something like "Seb" and I want it red I would do /nick &4Seb and it works but than my nickname comes out as "noneSeb" where "none" is white and "Seb" red. Also when I change my nickname it says "your nickname is now (my actual ign which is MrNigeria). I never had this issue before and can't find anything on it so if anybody knows how to fix this than your help is greatly appreciated. 2019-06-10_15.58.27.png
  2. What plugins do you have?
  3. Looks like this is an issue in your essentials configuration file. Search for nickname in that file and you should be able to remove the prefix of None from the nickname.
  4. Thank you. I just found the issue and can't believe how dumb I am. For nickname prefix it's set to '~' by default and i didnt want that so i put 'none' thinking that was the right option when i should have just left it empty.
  5. Not a problem. Glad I could help.
  6. The issue where when i change my nickname and it says it's been changed to "my actual ign" is still there though. Do you have any idea on how to fix that?
  7. Most likely that is an issue with the essentials language file. Try stopping the server, deleting that file, and starting the server again. Thus, should generate a new Language file & should hopefully fix your problem.
    That or you need a different version of essentials. I have one that I've used for my 1.8.8 server & it's tried and true. No flaws with it.
  8. I'm using essentialsx and i dont see a language file :(
  9. What version of Minecraft?
  10. 1.12.2 and essentialsx is the latest version i think its 2.16.1
  11. Alright thanks. I wasn't sure if it would work so i dint take the risk but i appreciate your help and i will install it now.