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Bug Issue with Signs EVC

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by NinjarakuPwnz, May 22, 2016.

  1. so several hundred signs are showing specific issues, this is only in certain areas but i've found out it is per-chunk, but involving dozens of chunks... as the image attached shows, this is what the majority of my signs look like.

    it's got me stumped since it's not a global issue, i've reloaded worlds, updated essentials and essentials chat to 1.9 builds, and warp signs no longer work either so i'm assuming it's essentials, anyone else having/had this problem or have a fix?

    hundreds of signs, and most are attached with functions. since i'm solo staff 2016-05-22_10.11.58.png /admin/owner replacing them one by one will be really... really... just awful xD
  2. If you send me the world in a private message I will write a simple plugin to fix this (if possible, two scenarios of what went wrong, one is fixable, the other isn't).
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  3. do you know what the issue is that's causing it to originate ?
  4. No, but I could write a simple plugin to loop through all signs, parse the string you want to be on them, and put that on the sign instead.
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  5. but is there a way to repair/refresh it so the signs revert back to what was originally on them? or a file?
    it looks like it messed up signs only within the spawn radius, they have partial words from what they originally had typed on them but instead of the normal &2 type it swapped to the server motd style color codes.
    it's not all signs so i don't think a plugin is needed, just wondering where i'd find the sign info, world file?
    no work for 3 days so i get to tamper with my server haha