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  1. I apologize if this is the wrong forum, I'm not sure which one to post about this.

    So my host (I'm not going to name them, I don't want to put a bad name for them) recently asked me if they could change my port on my server because they had a bug in the system and people were buying servers from them and they're given the same IP and ports as the current users (I'm not sure why they couden't change the ip's/ports on the new users that bough the systems), since I had a domain and I was already using a SRV record because my port was 25566, I agreed, and they changed my port to 25568, it's been about a week and it's been just cauing problems, I have two domains for the server, a really old one that my older players use to connect and new one that I recently added and use to advertise ect. The old IP is pretty much done, it points to another server 24/7 even tho it's set to my IP and port, I contacted my host incase I did somethign wrong, and also mentioned about my new domain because from time to time the motd changes to another server and when you try to connect, once out of three times, it will try to connect to other server. They told me it's because I don't have a dedicated IP and if they would like me to add that to the invoice, I told them I never had an issue until they changed my port, and they just replied they can't do anything about this and dedicated IP is the only solution. I'm not sure if the whole "system error" was just a lie and they wanted me to change the port on purpose just so this would happen and I would have to pay more money monthly for dedicated IP. I know this can happen without dedicated IP but can it really just happen just like that because they moved my port by 3 ports? Thanks for reading
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  2. Can you please post a screenshot of the DNS records for your domain?
    Also, it seems quite odd that your host would ask you to purchase a dedicated IP, rather than trying to help you with the SRV record.
  3. I believe about a year ago they told me they don't support DNS support if you're using a different DNS provider than them, I moved to CloudFlare just because my host's DNS page is extremly confusing to use.
  4. If I was you.. Get the hell out of that host and get a different one
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    The problem with srv records is that they are unreliable, I bet that if you was to add the IP address directly instead of using the domain, you'd see the server that you saw before.
    there are basically 3 ways to go about this:
    1. Get a dedicated IP address
    2. Switch host to somewhere that give you a dedicated IP address
    3. Remove the domain entry itself that you have people connecting to and leave the SRV there, in the event that the SRV fails, people won't be able to connect to your server, but they won't see the other server either.

    Worth noting, srv records are generally supported, however some ISPs/routers just blatently do not support them, or have poor support for them. I mean, the standard was only defined 17 years ago...........
  6. I would but the thing is, they sponsored my server back in December 2015, they gave me the exact server specs that I wanted free of charge for 6 months, and after the sponsorship, I'll only be paying 20% of what the server is worth, it's a 3GB RAM, Customisable Player Slots, Unmetered SSD Disk Space, Multicraft Control Panel and I'm only paying £1.99 which is a price of typical 512MB/1GB server which for me, is a deal of lifetime espically when my server just makes enough for website hosting, domain and server hosting and around £30 in profit per month that goes for ads.

    I personally never had an issue with the SRV record until they changed my port, when I first was doing re-search about SRV records, I just saw bunch of threads saying that it's pretty bad, some voting/server websites don't support it ect. but I never had an issue with it. As I'm writing this, they just replied and told me it will be £1.50 per month for dedicated IP which is almost what I'm paying for the server with them and I if I get it, I'll not be able to afford ads, I'll ask them if they can switch my port to minecraft default if it's possible and how much it will cost me if it will, anotherwise I'm going have to live with an SRV record until my server makes a bit more profit per monthand I'll be able to get dedicated IP.
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    Well, that's the joys of SRV records is that sometimes they just play games for no reason, it's not a host problem as much as DNS just sucks. The client requests an SRV record first, and if it doesn't get one for some reason, it will default to just resolving the IP address as normal, hence why you should remove the actual records for the subdomain(s) you want people to connect on, that way only the SRV record is actually there, if it doesn't find any record it won't connect to anything, which isn't ideal, but it stops your players going elsewhere

    being switched to the default port is basically the term of a "dedicated IP", the IP generally isn't really dedicated to you, it's just basically a case of they're putting your server on the default MC port on an ip address instead of a random port
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  8. You're indeed right about the dedicated IP, I asked them if I'm able to switch to default Minecraft port and they told me if I buy dedicated IP, it comes with default port, I guess it's not dedicated after all.

    Is there a alternative to SRV records and dedicated IP? I saw people in the past having the same domain for website and in-game with no subdomains, does that also require default port?
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    that requires either srv records, or hosting your site and mc server on the same server
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  10. I think I'll end up getting a VPS, if I add up website, server, dedicated IP ect, I'm only paying a bit less than a 2GB VPS which would be enough to host my website and my server, and I also have few things that I would like to host on VPS and I have full control of it.
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    Just keep in mind the CPU/disk limits for most VPS.
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