Issues with plugin dependency after moving to VS Code

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Rune, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Hiya -

    I used to use Eclipse for my spigot plugins but now I use VS Code. It was working before but I'm returning to development and I'm facing dependency issues.

    I have 2 plugins whose code/projects are on the same level in a folder. Let's say...
    C:\Projects\RunicParadise\.classpath & pom.xml
    C:\Projects\RunicUniverse\.classpath & pom.xml

    The issue is that RunicParadise plugin depends on the RunicUniverse plugin and can't find it. Anyone have advice on how to best do that in VS Code? Is it through the .classpath file or the POM and let Maven handle it? I tried Maven but it's searching a bunch of online repositories (where I get my remote dependencies) and it's not going to find RUnicUniverse there...
  2. You can use maven to actually set a dependency as something on your disk. I know for sure it works with jars, I would imagine itd also work with a path to the other pom?

    And why dont you just use IntelliJ like a normal person?
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    woo i'm not normal cause i use NetBeans!
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  4. I found it, the plugins were pointing to two different local repository folders. It's healthy again.

    I think I moved from Eclipse to VS Code because I started learning REACT and wanted one place to do all my development... I just found out as I went that VS Code seems to be a work in progress and most Java support is only provided through plugins.

    But to move to a 3rd IDE now... eugh :/