iTag & TagAPI [1.8]: Nameplate changes, skin stays

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Zeryther, May 7, 2015.

  1. Zeryther


    Soo I just updated my /nick Command with the iTag Version of 1.8 that @md_5 published. Everything works fine except of one thing: The Skin stays. Example of a user that used /nick Notch:


    Nothing in the console. As I assume the code isn't the problem, I'm not posting it here, until needed.

    ~ Zeryther


    On the screenshot, you can see the cape changed. So the cape is updating, the skin doesn't (The Original user, GigadriveGroup, does not have a cape)
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  2. @Zeryther
    • Remove the player from the tablist (PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo with action set as REMOVE_PLAYER)
    • Add the player to the tablist, with Notch's GameProfile (PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo with action set as ADD_PLAYER)
    • Remove the player (PacketPlayOutDestroyEntity, send to all players but the player him/herself)
    • Spawn the player again (PacketPlayOutNamedEntitySpawn, send to all players but the player him/herself)
  3. Looks cool, please finish it !