Spigot Item Generators [1.10 - 1.12] 1.0.1 Beta

Item Generator with GUI support!

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    Cube Generator - Item Generator with GUI support!

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    API update.

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  3. hope it stays active!
    its one of the best out there!
  4. Thank you! Im kinda busy due to the start of the school year. :p
  5. Heya, found your plugin and was quite interested

    Do you think you could add compatibility for 1.8?
  6. I can try to when I have free time, but it would some what difficult since 1.8 is quite outdated.
    For now i need to focus on adding the import feature for the users of my plugin that uses v1.0 below :p
  7. Im using CratesPlus and Vouchers. I want generator put to vouchers and Crates. I execute commands on console. but need [player] placeholder.
  8. Thank you for the suggestion. It will be included in the next update.
  9. Hi there, is there a way so that the item generator spawns the block on top of the chest?
    I am using it for a skyblock server, and I think that I wanted to make a custom-block generator.
    So if a player places a generator-block, it will spawn a block on top of it, if we break the block, the generator starts again
  10. Can you please add 1.8 support? A lot of servers are still using it!
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  11. Hi, WaterXCubic
    Will this plugin go 1.13?
  12. Can you please do this plugin in 1.8
  13. Is there a way to give the generator via console
  14. every time i try to give a generator threw the console nothing happens