Spigot Item Hover 1.8

Link items in chat!

  1. You can change to #Item ? thx good plugin
  2. Next update I may add it so you can use both [item] and #item :)
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  3. Please let me know if this fix does not work for you. :)
  4. Jre7u80-64
    Windows10 64
    Spigot 1.8.8
  5. Yes, those are the versions I compiled it with.
  6. Everyone Please give me suggestions if you have them! I also need ideas for any other plugins I am to make. :)
  7. Is this plugin compatible with 1.7.10? I tried it but isn't loading. Java 8
  8. It is not unfortunately, It is compiled and coded using spigot 1.8. I might release a separate 1.7.10 compatible version in the future but at the moment no.
  9. Thanks for the information, i'll use this when i update to 1.8
  10. doesnt work on my spigot 1.8.7 server, I really need this please tell <3
  11. Sorry I have been gone all day. The last update broke the plugin for java 7 users, this one will fix it.
  12. ReckDev updated Item Hover with a new update entry:


    Read the rest of this update entry...
  13. Notice: The #item placeholder is currently broken. It will be fixed soon.
  14. If your server is using my plugin please tell me and I will put it in the server list on the main page!
  15. Thanks for all the updates, can you add please support for DeluxeChat's prefixes and stuff?

    Oh and I use your plugin
    play.xerabending.net :)
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  16. In the next 3-4 updates (Not sure which) I will add extended_clips placeholders. Also I checked out the server in your signature, very nice.
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