Spigot Item Hover 1.8

Link items in chat!

  1. My friend's plugman is up to date so......

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  2. I was just saying the latest version of plugman is made for 1.8.1 (says on plugin page) but I will try to find the error as I'm sure its not entirely plugman at this point since other plugins work with it.
  3. I've uploaded a new plugin called JoinManager.
    Check it out here!
  4. Are you referring to ItemHover or JoinManager?

    If you mean ItemHover, it is currently undergoing a rewrite as it had a few broken features and more features were requested. I will update when Its ready to be used
  5. I can't PM you, but I'd like to add my server to your server list!
  6. can you add cooldown?
  7. please help i drop it into my plugins folder then restart my server but after it doesnt work and says its not in my plugins list

    PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. How do i rank the rank or the prefix?
  10. Is this plugin dead...? That Essentials Chat support would be really awesome right about now lol
  11. Please Make this work with spigot 1.8
    cause it works for 1.8.8
  12. Works good!
    Using this plugin of my server I give it 7/10, I would like to see a feature that lets you make it be [itemname] not <itemname> in chat.
    Server: MC.MysticGaming.US
  13. Well... he is banned on here so... he can't just finish this plugin anymore.
  14. he is banned so I don't think any more updates use I2C
  15. Would you mind explaining how you made this? I would like to re-create this idea for personal use
  16. Using ItemHover on play.TotalNetwork.co