Item lore Damage Crit Damage etc

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  1. German:
    Hey kennt jemand egal ob free oder kaufen
    ein Plugin wie zb auf hypixel wo ich Damage crit Damage etc auf items packen kann ?

    Infos wären super.

    Hey knows someone no matter if free or buy
    a plugin like for example on hypixel where I can put Damage crit Damage etc on items

    translated with goolge hope you understand me
  2. Nop, but you can create one easily, if you don't know how to do it, and want to buy one, contact me at wailroth#4736 on discord
  3. Hey there, this isn't worth spending money on. It's really easy lol, u just assign a crit damage to a weapon either using data containers or lores, then divide it by 100, so for example if it had 200% crit damage it will be 2, then get the damage of the player and multiply it by 2, thats just an example.