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  1. Heres the thing:

    1) Lets say a Chest was Renamed to "&bColoredNameChest",
    2) When a player placed the chest, he would see the chest GUI name be "&bColoredNameChest"
    3) But when the player picks the chest up again, the name will be reset to the default name "Chest"

    If anyone knows of a plugin that can reset mined chest's name like this, please let me know! :) <3
  2. Just asking, why would you even want this? Wouldn't it be an inconvenience to the player?
  3. Great question, but no because I want to implement this new plugin where you can place a chest and get random from renamed chests, so they can then pick up the used chests with no loot and sell/scam them to other players. I run a very large server, and keeping track of "Who Sold, When was it sold, to Who, and did any of them recieve actual loot" or etc, is just not something is just too much of a hazzle

    You could theoretically say "But the lore resets upon picking it up, that way the crates wouldnt work anymore, so its hard for people to get scammed" Sure but you know how some minecraft players are, not everyone know and/or realizes/remembers that the crates don't work unless they have a lore.

    So a plugin that will remove the chest names after they get mined up from the ground would solve everything.
    If I can't find a plugin that will do this, I can't implement this system, its just not worth the trouble. :p
  4. Sounds like you should be looking for a solution to players being able to reuse these crates after opening instead so it just goes away on use.
  5. Hm not exactly, I could make it so it just gives items upon clicking it then removes the chest, but that's not quite the same as placing a chest and pick out each item like an actual loot crate.

    I have thought of what you said, and that is my plan B if plan A fails, (which is to find a plugin that resets the name after mining the chest back up)
  6. You should provide more details on what you want, e.g should this affect all chests
  7. Yes, simply just a plugin that will remove any name of any chest
  8. in Skript you can make this very easily:
    Code (Text):

    on break of chest:
        wait a tick
        loop dropped items in radius 0.75 of event-location:
            tag "Age" of nbt of loop-entity is less than 2
            set items within loop-entity to chest
    requires skStuff addon
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  9. Interesting.. I've never used skript before, I'll give this a try, thank you
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  10. Im unable to find the skStuff that works for 1.12.2, could you help me with this?
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  11. Sigh. I made a quick plugin for you instead, not sure if it's what you need. You can change the materials in config.yml, and can set a custom name when the player breaks it. To remove the name just replace Chest with '' in the config, which will make it the Minecraft language default.

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  12. Holy shit crazy, thank you so much <3